Devastating Taxes Culture in Pakistan

We can’t breathe without tax and not live easily in the country because the tax is must for the development and betterment of all countries. It supports government revenue for the expenditures of the country.  We must have regularly pay the taxes and follow the policies on tax given by the government. It’s the duty of every citizen to pay tax either it is direct or indirect in return government is responsible for providing basic facilities, which includes education, health, shelter and food for the poor and deprived class of society who are not able to survive with the capitalist society.

There are four types of taxes which generates the economy of our countries such as general sales tax, customs duty, central excise duty, and income tax.

This time Pakistan’s current taxation system is defined by Income Tax ordinance 2001 which was promulgated on 13 September 2001 and became effective from 1 July 2002. This time the sales tax rate in Pakistan stands at 17% percent it is a high tax rate in Pakistan only for the poor people.  The concerned administration should work on low tax rate as peoples could live with comfort in the country.

There are many causes of tax evasion in Pakistan which are, poor government, Poor tax culture, political interfere, poor policy, poor taxation. The tax evasion is one of the gigantic problems for Pakistan. There are many issues for the lower or lower middle class of society which is not able to pay tax but indirectly they are paying their taxes, on the other hand, the society who owns the massive economy of country like conglomerates or capitalist tycoons of Pakistan and go through the list of the parliamentarians issued by FBR in which it is mentioned how much tax they paid it is very disgusting.

Pakistani society consists of the two main classes such as elite and middle class.

Elite class does not have any kind of concern with tax problems they always play the game of power like feudal, Choudhry’s,  politicians, bureaucrats, Businessmen and they don’t matter with other peoples and government facilities to rich people. (PS: All the mentioned classes in elite classes are not equal; there are also some patriots who are sincere with the country.)

There has been always conflicting among between middle class and government for the survival of their lives, they fight for their rights and they pay more tax than the elite class of society. This society does not know about their rights, the civil society and literate peoples of society must have to educate them about their rights, this initiative could bring positive change among us, it could take time but it would be better for the whole middle and lower middle class who is unaware of their right.

Being a responsible citizen of the country, we should take an oath that from today we will educate the deprived people about their responsibilities and their rights.

There are many worst effects on the society when it comes to flooding of tax on particular things which is commonly paid by the majority of middle class. To some extent, corruption is the main reason for the bad policy of politicians and they all involve in the debate today’s issue of crime depend also on the root cause. Concerned authorities have to realize that and bring positive changes in taxation on equality based and they should be friendly for every citizen. How worst condition is this, that every newborn child in Pakistan is indebted of 60000 thousand

If we discuss on the current tenure of the government, they didn’t take any serious steps on the improvement of the economy.  We could not able to say that their performance is appreciable or government report card is significant. We won’t see any improvement in near future so government must have to take any serious notice. According to a recent report of think tanks in four years in four year, PML-N completed only 6 targets out of 89, External debt which was 61 billion dollars and it has increased to 83 billion dollars and internal debt which was 5491 billion it has increased to 15045 billion rupees.

In addition, to report the government’s privatization and reform program was also failed to perform, PIA’s Loss was more than 316 billion, Pakistan Steel Mill’s loss reached to 176 billion, Pakistan railway also affords the loss of 27 billion yearly, The tax-to-GDP rate target was 15 percent that could not reach to quarter of 10 percent but government still claims that unemployment has been reduced from country.



Climate Change and Urbanization

Pakistan ranks high in the countries that are most vulnerable to the climate change threat. According to ADB, by the end of 21st century, the temperature in the majority of the Asian countries will reach inhabitable levels. A temperature rise of 6 degrees Celsius is expected in the Asian countries, with an increase of 8 degrees Celsius in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and China.

We are already experiencing the climate change related impacts in Pakistan in form of hot summers, rising sea levels, unpredictable rainfalls, floods, droughts, and human displacement and these impacts will only grow worse in near future. This rising temperature and heat waves will not only endanger lives but will also disrupt the national economy, weather conditions, agricultural output, industries, and trade. It will deepen the vulnerabilities at all levels and will undermine any hope of achieving inclusive and sustainable development.

But solely blaming nature and climate change for Pakistan’s increasing vulnerability is not right. We need to move beyond our limited outlook and look at the multi-faceted reality of climate change impacts. A significant feature in this context is rapid urbanization and the related environmental degradation that amplifies Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change. Incompetent urban planning, deforestation, industrialization, incompetent engineering, and land mining for development have degraded urban ecologies that could have better endured the climate change impacts. For example, Karachi, the industrial hub of Pakistan, is facing recurrent floods not only because of rainfall variability but also due to illegal developments that choke the city’s natural drainage system.

So, one of the biggest challenges that Pakistani government and policymakers are facing today is the transformation of cities into sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces. The top-down governance, the jurisdiction of federal and provincial authorities over land use, and a fragmented structure of local governance have given city mayors and chief ministers free reign over urban planning and their actions are limited to beautification projects and free transport corridors.

Authorities need to overcome the ongoing political struggles over resources, infrastructures, and services and need to focus on climate change adaption in the context of extended urbanization that pays attention to urban design, land use, and zoning interventions. The present condition of cities in Pakistan requires a proactive action that reshapes our cities and makes them environment-friendly spaces.

ملڪي سطح تي خواجه سرائن جي اهميت ۽ کين مهيا ٿيل سهولتون

زرعي معاشري ۾ موجوده  مختلف ٽيبوز صدين کان اڃان تائين ساڳئي شدت سان موجود آهن. انهن ٽيبوز مان هڪ اهو به آهي ته  گھر ۾ جڏهن ٻار جنم وٺندو آهي. ته گھر ڀاتين جون ڪيفيتون به ٻار جي جنس مطابق تبديل ٿينديون آهن . اگر پٽ ڄمي ته سموري گھر ڀاتين جي چهري تي خوشي واري ڪيفيت جھلڪي پوندي آهي. جيڪڏهن نياڻي ڄمي پوي ته نه چاهيندي به سمورن ڀاتين جي چهري تي رنج واروراڪاس لڪائڻ باوجود به لڪي ناهي سگھندو، ڪنهن نه ڪنهن صورت ۾ جهلڪي پوندو آهي. پر ڪڏهن ڪڏهن ڪنهن گھر جي ڀاتين جي حالت  مرڳوئي مجرمانه ٿيو پوي، جڏهن ان گھر ۾ پيدا ٿيندڙ ٻار نه پٽ هوندو آهي نه وري ڌيءُ ، اهڙي گھرن ۾ ان وقت قهرام مچي ويندو آهي. نه صرف سمورو گھر پر سمورو معاشروبه اهڙي ٻار کي قبول ڪرڻ لاءِ تيار نه هوندو آهي. اهڙي ٻار جو انت آڻڻ لاءِ سمورا هٿڪنڊا جڏهن هلي ناهن سگھندا تڏهن ئي هو ساهه کڻڻ لاءِ معاشري ۾ ڦٽو ڪيو ويندو آهي. سندس والدين معاشري ۾ رسوائي جي  خوف کان ڪيترا ئي ڏينهن ٻار جي سڃاڻپ لڪائيندا آهن.

انهي ڪيفيت ۾ اهو ٻار جڏهن سمجھ لائق ٿئي ٿو. ته هو هڪ وڏي ذهني اذيت  ۾ مبتلا ٿيو وڃي. سماج جا منفي رويه اهڙي ٻار کي باقي ٻارن کان الگ ڪري بهاريو ڇڏين. جڏهن ته اهو به هڪ انسان آهي ڪنهن به سماج ۾ بنيادي انساني  حقوق مطابق اهڙن ماڻهن جو به پورو پورو حق هوندو آهي. ته هو به کليل هوا ۾ آزادي سان  ساهه کڻي سگھن.

پاڪستان جي آئين جي  آرٽيڪل نمبر 25 موجب قانون جي نظر ۾ سڀ شهري برابري جي حيثيت رکن ٿا ۽ برابري جي بنياد تي قانوني تحفظ جا حقدار آهن. محض جنس جي بنياد تي ڪنهن به شهري سان امتيازي سلوڪ نه ڪيو ويندو.  جڏهن ته انساني حقن جي آرٽيڪل نمبر 2 ۾ پڻ واضع نموني لکيل آهي ته سمورا انسان آزاد پئدا ٿيا آهن. عزت، وقار ۽ حقوق  جي سلسلي ۾ برابري جي حيثيت جا حامل آهن. پر بدقسمتي سان اسانجي سماج ۾ پيڙهيل طبقن کي وڌيڪ ذلتن  ڀري زندگي گذارڻي پوي ٿي ۽ کين نيچ ڏيکارڻ  لاءِ نت نوان طريقا استعمال ڪيا وڃن ٿا.

جنهن جو وڏو مثال خواجه سرا  جي سڃاڻپ ۽ مڃتا آهي، جيڪا انهن کي نٿي ڏني وڃي. معاشرو خواجه سرائن جي  تعليم حاصل ڪرڻ ۾ وڏيون رڪاوٽون وجھندو آهي جنهن سبب هو تعليم حاصل ڪري ناهن سگھندا. اهڙي ڏکين حالتن مان گذري اگر ڪو خواجه سرا ٿوري گھڻي تعليم پرائي وٺي ته وري معاشري جا مهذب کيس عزت ڀريو روزگار حاصل ڪرڻ جي راه ۾ رڪاوٽون وجھندا آهن. غلطي سان جيڪڏهن اهڙي خاص ماڻهون کي ڪو عزت ڀريو روزگار حاصل ڪرڻ ۾ ڪاميابي  ملي به وڃي. ته هو پنهنجي بدني بناوت ۽ لباس جي ڪري   گڏ ڪم ڪندڙن جي نظرن جو مرڪز هوندو آهي. وڏي ڳالهه ته هن سماج جا ماڻهون انهن کي پاڻ سان گڏ هلائڻ به عيب سمجھن ٿا. پر جيڪڏهن اسين پنهنجي پاڙيسري ملڪ انڊيا تي نظر وجھنداسين ته اسان کي محسوس ٿيندو ته اتان جي حڪومتن ۽ سول سوسائيٽي خواجه سارائن کي معاشري ۾ عزت ڀريو مقام مهيا ڪرڻ لاءٌ منجھائن ڪجھ خواجه سرائن کي  ٽيڪس وصولي واري اداري ۾ روزگار ڏئي سندن  جون اسپيشل ٽيمون ٺاهي کين ٽيڪس وصولي لاءِ معمور ڪري ڇڏيو آهي. هو هر سال لڳ ڀڳ 1000 هزار ڊالر پراپرٽي ٽيڪس وصولي ڪري حڪومت کي جمع ڪرائن ٿا. پر اسان وٽ ته هي مظلوم ڪنهن نه ڪنهن صورت ۾ صرف ٽيڪس ڏين ٿا.

عزت ڀريوروزگار نه ملڻ ڪري هو مجبور ٿي ڳائي وڄائي، نچي ماڻهن کي خوش ڪري خيرات  وٺي گذران ڪن ٿا ڪي وري جسم فروشي جھڙو غلط پيشو اختيار ڪري  پيٽ جي باه وسائن ٿا ۽ سر لڪائڻ لاءِ اجھي جو بندوبست
ڪن ٿا.

2009ع ۾پاڪستان  سپريم ڪورٽ هڪ آرڊر پاس ڪيو. جنهن ۾ خواجه سرائن جي قومي شناختي ڪارڊ ۾ کين جنس واري ڪالم ۾ خواجه سرا لکائڻ جي اجازت ملي.

عام طور تي ڏٺو وڃي ته هي به انسان آهن. صرف سندن بدني بيهڪ جي ڪري ٻين کان الڳ آهن. پوءِ انهن ۾ ڪي عورت هوندا آهن ته ڪي وري مرد، ڪي قدرتي خسرا هوندا آهن. ته ڪي وري هٿرادو ٿيندا آهن. پر سماج انهن کي بلڪل مختلف نظرن سان ڏسي ٿو. اگر ڏهن ماڻهن ۾ هڪ خواجه سراهه هجي ته مرداڻي معاشري ۾ ماڻهون ٻين کي ڇڏي صرف ان کي ئي  نظرن جو مرڪز بڻائيندا آهن. پوءِ ان صورت ۾ هو يا ته گھٻرائجي ويندا آهن. يا ته ڪاوڙ ۾ زر ٿي ويندا آهن. ٻئي ڪيفيتون انهن لاءِ نقصان جون حامل هونديون آهن.

هن ملڪ جي آئين مطابق کين اليڪشن ۾ حصو وٺڻ جو حق آهي . جنهن تحت هو 2013 واري اليڪشن ۾ سرگرم رهيا. پنهنجن حقن کي پاڻمرادو حاصل ڪرڻ لاءِ هو ڪوششون وٺهندا رهيا. ڏسڻو اهيو آهي ته  ايندڙ اليڪشن ۾ هي پنهنجي جستجو کي ڪيئن جاري رکي سگھندا. جڏهن ته موجودا آدمشماري مطابق سندن سراسري ڳڻپ سڄي پاڪستان ۾ صرف 10،000 آهي.جڏهن ته هڪ اندازي مطابق صرف لاهور شهر ۾ خواجه سرائن جو انگ ڏه هزارن کان مٿي آهي  انهي عالم ۾ جڏهن هنن جي آبادي ڪنهن سازش تحت گھٽ ڄاڻائي وئي آهي. ته پوءِ ڇا کين اهي انسان ووٽ ڏيندا؟ جيڪي کين پاڻ سان گڏ وهاريندي به عيب ٿا سمجھن.

اسان جي معاشري ۾  خواجه سرائن کي  برداشت ڪرڻ جي اهڙي صورتحال آهي ته پوءِ ته اهيو ڪيئن ممڪن آهي ته هي مظلوم طبقو پنهنجو آواز وس وارن تائين پهچائي  ته جيئن ملڪ ۾ انهن لاءِ به اهي سڀ سهولتون مهيا ٿين. جهڙيون ٻين انسانن لاءِ موجود آهن. يا کين به معاشرتي ليول تي  ٻين جهڙو سمجھيو وڃي.ڇو ته خواجه سراه جي بدن ۾ به اهو ئي رت گردش ڪري ٿو جيڪو ڪنهن ٻيءِ انسان جي بدن ۾ هوندو آهي . ڳالهه صرف سمجهه جي آهي. هي جنس  به اسان جي سماج جو هڪ اهم حصو آهن.

Agriculture and Pakistan

Though I lived most of my life in urban areas my roots belong to rural areas and I spent a remarkable time of my life in a rural part of the country. There is a huge difference if I compare the time of today and time I experienced 5-10 years ago. I feel the change in the air I breathe and the path I walk on.

I see dull faces of farmers worried about annual yield and how they are going to pay their debts. Sadly, the government of Pakistan has not planned much about their agriculture sector on which 50-60% of their population relies on. Pakistan has the best canal and irrigation system in the world and we are not taking full benefit from this blessing.

We are witnessing a majority of rural sector migrating to the urban sector because of immense losses in agriculture businesses. Ultimately, population density in big cities increases rapidly causing other major issues. This is also a major cause of the falling economy, food crisis, and inequality. The rights of the farmers must be reviewed and their benefit must be made sure otherwise a major source of income would vanish within just a few years.

Especially the areas where Pakistan excels such as cotton, rice, and wheat production, it is God gifted that we have excellent climatic conditions for these. Pakistan needs to improve its production of corn, vegetables, and oilseed so that imports of the country are lessened. Pakistan has everything that needs to be in a developed country but unfortunately, we are not fully benefiting from those resources.

Agriculture is the backbone of the country has declined so much that it has become crucial for Pakistan to stabilize. So, if Pakistan promotes and invests in agriculture more like it should, it would definitely result in prosperity.