World Food Day 2017: Change the future of migration, invest in food security and rural development

World food day theme for this year: change the future of migration, invest in food security and rural development. Theme highlighted the main issue of developing countries where people face more climatic and social issues and disasters, in these circumstances they mostly end up to migrate to better place seeking the better future and security.

Food security is about the state of having sufficient food quantity and good nutritional quality in the affordable range. While in our country Pakistan the main cause of food insecurity is climatic changes which are drastically affected our crop production. Our country is blessed with agricultural biodiversity although from the past few decade our average yield is doubled hunger and malnutrition persist as usual.

Due to the change in climate, our agricultural biodiversity is at great risk. Our agricultural landscape is being uninformed by growing certain specific varieties which are homogenizing our diversity which lead to a narrow range of crops.

According to my view, we have to change with the change of climate and more likely to secure our agriculture production and rural society. More than half of nation is on the risk of malnutrition cause our staple food is wheat, rice, corn and pulses which is deficient in vitamin A, iron and zinc we have diversified our farm production to fulfill the proper need of nutrient.

As the proportion of urbanization is increasing on highest rate in our regions according to international survey which is also the cause of food insecurity .when we talk about our food system future we must take notice on rural-urban linkage as more of our population is living under urban centre or they are migrating to the urbanization because of declining income of farmer, so we have more consumer then the producers. The rural population is moving out of farming or fields and making other ways of earning as in industries and services.

Policymakers should have to consider the small town for development and take steps for rural transformation where you can globalize the agriculture and food system and develop the Deprived villages into small cities with more activities and well resourced .this ultimately change the future of migration and by rural transformation we can invest in better food system and by Giving good governance in term of rural-urban linkage we can transform our system.