“Migration Should Be Choice, Not Necessity”

Food is a part of our culture. World Food Day is an opportunity to recognize this and help the farmer who is its backbone. Every year WFD is celebrated on 16th October to overcome the poverty, hunger, and migration caused due to a shortage of food. More than 150 countries celebrate WFD. There is a fact that 1 in 8 people are undernourished. In 2010: 20,000 children died from starvation. Climate is changing food and agriculture too. Every year 26 million people are displaced by climate and natural disasters.

Pakistan is an agricultural country. In rural areas where the main source of bread and butter is agriculture, climatic factors are acting adversely on crops. Being a student of Entomology and belonging to a rural area I have come to know that huge amount of destruction to crops especially wheat crop, is caused by insects from sowing till harvesting, even at storage places. So, if good and well-developed pesticides and insecticides companies are constructed in rural areas, this will give the job opportunity to unemployed deserving people in the area will cause a huge difference. Besides these, the factors that are involved in poverty and hunger are lack of jobs and low investment in the agriculture sector. So, if awareness is awake in the farmer, jobs are awarded to unemployed people, construction of godown and excellent food storage techniques will help to overcome the hunger and poverty in the world.

In short, a sustainable agriculture system must be developed to ensure the affordable food supply for all.