Climate is Changing

Climatic change impacts rising sea levels. Average sea level around the world rose about 8 inches (20 cm) in the past 100 years; climate scientists expect it to rise more and more rapidly in the next 100 years as part of climate change impacts.

So when we think about our own country , Pakistan is also from one of these countries who faces bitter impact in the future ,due to hot weather , glaciers are melting day by day .

Due to carbon emissions temperature of Pakistan increases day by day and it’s too much alarming for us , if we can’t control it , it will be so much disturbing for us.

As we all know Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries especially we have limited , resources to cope up with natural and man made disasters.

So we have to think about this issue seriously, climatic change policy can help there a lot, still provincial level policy is pending , but federal policy for climatic change is approved.

Govt. took great initiative as per Paris conference regarding climate change; here we as individual can take few measures. we have to plant few plants.

Take preventive measures to cope up with disaster, both tangible and non tangible.

On other hand we select different species in term of agriculture field, the crops must be climatic resistant .That vary thing helps countries economy a lot. Small holder farmers can take benefits from this, so just awareness required in that regard.

If we do it timely we not only save our lives but also safe the future of our coming generation , I assure you I will be the part of this theme yes green Pakistan , Unique Pakistan.Thanks God for giving us nice country.

One World One Dream

Climatic Change is the root cause of every disaster that world is facing these days .As we all know that more than 200 countries exists in the world ,but dozens of countries are just like Island , their population is in thousands or in few millions. But the impacts of disaster reduce the productivity, availability ,purity of food. Our food is insecure due to climatic change ,but very few of us just understand about this fact that it’s not just climatic change but more than change  pose verse impacts on life of every single human being.

In Paris last year 2015  a world environmental conference open the eyes of every person who has understand the situation. In that conference more than 195 countries representatives  out which 145 heads of states were present .In this conference the world knows first time that due to climatic change temperature increases day by day .The temperature is increases 1.5 centigrade per year and it’s a bell of coming disaster .First we have to understand that how we are going near toward to disaster ,when we say that world temperature is increasing than we think that how it is possible ? Some time we say this the rains breaks last thirty year record. Some time we say drought reduce the production from last 20 years .All these things are interconnected with climatic change but the question is that how it is happening ?

According to Scientists emissions of carbon and different gases from factories or agriculture related items green houses produced in bulk day by day ,these green gases  adverb  here on earth .Our daily routine work in which we produced carbon die oxide which is the root cause of increasing temperature in the world .According to scientists current report in environment the intercourse of carbon reduce green house effects.Cutting of trees are the biggest factor in the increase of carbon.

Due to these effects world is facing food insecurity , and disaster(food & drought) increase in summer season .In result world faced deaths in the face of unpredictable disastrous situation in which one of the biggest cause is non availability of pure food and secure food. The biggest tragedy is that 10 countries of the world out 200 emits 70% of carbon and we all are facing the impacts these days .If we fairly acknowledge the situation of our country we have food insecurity and impurity issue because of climatic change ,Though our legislators are thinking about this burning issue but its less action than need. In Punjab ,Govt. took good imitative  most of us not clearly knows that we have many laws regarding accessibility towards pure food but implementation is not clearly seen on ground level. I have few recommendation due to utilizing your plate form which are as under.


1. People must understand the law.

2. Implementation of law is required.

3. Government must ensure the purity and availability of good food.

4. Government must focus on Internality set Sustainable development goals(SDG’s) for reducing the impacts of disaster.

5. Ensure plantation is compulsory for every student who are studying in any institution ,”one plant change the scenario  because its one world one dream “.

6. Government must make climate change policy and ensure its adaptability.

In end my dream is that every single human have access to pure food without discrimination of gender,color creed,caste etc .And its called “One World One Dream”