Knock knock!!!! Are these empty clouds?

     Pakistan located in the temperate region. Luckily as native to Pakistan we can enjoy a diversity of seasons, we have spring, summer, autumn, winter and monsoon. The change in seasons is normally characterized by rain, it can be oppressive or drizzling.  Rain normally occurs due to the winds that are wandering over the globe and frame a system for the rain on the global scale. Let’s talk about subsequent weather patterns in Pakistan. The Winds in winter are North-East to the South-West, and the reversal, South-west to North-East, in summer. So the reversal of winds system is the reason for a change in seasons. Usually December- January period comprises of regular rainfall with temperatures dropping below 0 in most of the areas of Punjab, KPk, Baluchistan and northern areas including AJK.

But this year something anomaly happened. There is no such as rainfall observed in winter and I think there is no rigorous expectation that mollifies us. This situation is not driven by a single factor so we can say it’s a combined effect of multiple factors that contributes and worsening the situation with every passing day.

The first and foremost reason is climate change. How this climate change affect the weather patterns in Pakistan.

The most important factor that literally responsible for normal winters in Pakistan are Western disturbances; these are an extratropical storm originating in the Mediterranean region, which brings winds and Rains to southern part and heavy snow falls in northern part of Pakistan. This winter, the western disturbances are less intense because its excessive moisture gets drained before reaches Pakistan. Resulting in less rainfall and no chilling winds flows that are the sole cause of temperature drop in winters.

The second reason can be The Warmer Air Patterns that are responsible for warmer winters; As the Anticyclonic circulation over the Khiarpur and Nawabshah regions are spreading warm and dry winds resulting in raising the temperature of the region as well as surrounding areas

The third reason can be the stronger El Niño Southern Oscillation Affect (ENSO); El Niño is the climatic cycle in the pacific oceans with global change in weather patterns. The cycle begins when warm water in the western tropical Pacific Ocean shifts eastward along the equator toward the coast of South America. It is strongest in equatorial regions and affects the precipitation patterns around the globe and ultimately leading to floods or droughts.

According to Metrological Department of Pakistan, in more than 100 years between years 1871-1988, 11 of 21 were El Nino years and year 2016 is declared as hottest year among all. So the stronger ENSO effect in Pakistan causing long spells of no rain and warmer climate, resulting in warmer winters.

To some extent reduced forest cover also contributes to climate change as they are temperature stabilizers and carbon sequesters.

Thus changes in rainfall patterns directly affect water, agriculture and disaster management sectors (flood, drought etc.) The wintertime rainfall contributes to about 30% of the total annual rainfall of Pakistan with some areas in west and southwest of country entirely depending on winter rain. It plays a pivotal role towards agriculture, water reservoir hydroelectric power generation and ecosystems of the country. In agriculture, these climatic changes play devastating role as higher temperature and low precipitation rates leading to worst crop yield. As there is less water available in local drains that cannot fulfill the needs of crop lands. So farmers are praying for the rain… we can say No Blue No green… try to preserve your natural resources because the upcoming centuries may bring more complexities and challenges that we won’t cater easily! So think about it and do care J







Its alarming as Blue turns to black

The existence of water on earth brought life on planet earth. The presence of water on the planet makes earth distinctive and make it able to sustain life due to its unique chemistry. About 70% of earth surface covered with water and is home to diverse range of species and sustain fragile as well as robust ecosystems. Let’s talk about the importance of water on land, as we think about land the first thing came to our mind is the human being than animals and water is considered to be fundamental need of all living being. Water gave rise to first civilization, farmers rely on water for their agricultural activities so they get access to the reservoir of water via irrigation system and meet with countries food needs by producing cereal as well as contributes in generating countries revenue by growing cash crops. Let’s makes a long story short if the water is the basic necessity of life then why a significant number of people are deprived of enjoying the taste of pure water why they don’t have access to crystal clear water.


Each human needs about 20 liters of water a day for the basics like washing, cooking and drinking. But there are numerous  places around the world where people get five liters of water or less to live on .the countries like Africa specifically Eastern Africa. In china, the water is becoming a next big issue after air Pakistan Thar is a region that was the victim of droughts since three years even people locked the pitchers in order to avoid theft of water.

Why is it so, some places have the little amount of water or what will be the situation in future. Would we have access to the single drop of water or not?  According to some experts, 1.6 billion people have more access to clear drinking water than twenty years ago. It’s mean more proportion of population around the world must enjoy the sweetness of crystal clear water but the situation is completely opposite. Let’s find out the reason, the growing population, industrial activities and climate change are the main drivers of water scarcity. As our earth gets warmer, more rainfall is being expected because warm air can hold more moisture so as a result weather pattern shifts, the regions that receive less rainfall now may have more rainfall. For examples the countries like southern Europe and Northern Africa and some parts of Australia will receive less rainfall, on the other hand, the countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh during the season monsoon may receive heavy rainfall that leads to more runoff or floods that eventually meet up into a saline water and become useless. As the earth surface getting warm day by day, it stimulate the glacier melting and increase precipitation rate around the globe resulting in more floods as water evaporates from the deep soil layers leading to desert like condition or accelerate droughts, on the other hand growing population adds as farmers pumped more water to produce more crops in order to meet food requirements so the extraction or consumption of ground fresh water is beyond permissible limits other the factor that adds to this devastating activity is urbanization as we are trying to  develop gigantic  infrastructure and paved our muddy path and turned them into lustrous and wide highways eventually ends up with no infiltration of rainwater that is the major source of ground water. Scarcity has resulted from the difference between the rate of recharging and extraction of ground water. The other biggest reason that depletes the existing treasures is the industrial activities that not only contaminate the rivers but also gives rise to many serious health effects, so ultimately the blue water become useless as it turns into a black colored hazardous water of no value. The scarcity of water resources getting serious after every single day passes.     As we taken into account the current scenario, we can say that the prediction of future conflicts on water scarcity may have higher probabilities to become true.

The developed countries can find many ways to cope up with this water shortage as by installing desalination plants but in developing countries, the consequences are proving to be profound. Try to conserve it and Make sure that every single drop of water should be used up in a righteous way because tiny blue droplet which is not important for u today may become as precious and expensive  as diamond tomorrow so think about it?