Changing Climate and our Agriculture

Yes, it’s happening. Most of us came through the term ‘Climate change’ but never bothered to study about it and gone through the facts. As a small farmer and a student of agricultural sciences, I know this is happening because I have seen its adverse effects in the form of floods in Punjab, uncertain rains, increased frequency of glacial melting. Unpredicted rains and disturbed sowing time of crops is the evidence of climate change. Some of the crops seriously damaged by heavy winds and floods, consequently affecting our grain yields, food production and ultimately our agricultural economy.

Our governments are not emphasizing on research in agriculture. There are many research stations for dry land management, fodders, cereals, breeding and genetics but they have failed to focus on our farmer’s basic problems and modernization of our agriculture, Because of this, we are lagging behind in the production of new drought tolerant cultivars, pest management mechanisms, dry land agro management systems, improved crop varieties best suited to cope with the changing climate.

We are importing most of vegetable seeds, oil seeds and fodder seeds. They are very expensive for our small land holders, so, they are growing crops which are already abundantly grown in our country like wheat, rice, sugar cane, gram etc. and not have very much value in the market as compared to the oil seed crops and vegetables. We have to import those expensive grains to fulfill our needs for food production; we are exporting excessive grains at very cheap prices.

With the changing climate, we have to diversify our agriculture systems like crop rotations, cropping patterns and to introduce the crops that are not commonly being grown in our country, to add more value to our food production.

We should emphasize on research in agriculture with relation to changing climate otherwise our crops will not be yielding maximum in the adverse environment.

We are a developing country with rising poverty level and malnutrition problems. We have to develop new tolerant crop cultivars and to introduce new value added crops to fulfill the need for abundant and nutritious food.