“Migration Should Be Choice, Not Necessity”

Food is a part of our culture. World Food Day is an opportunity to recognize this and help the farmer who is its backbone. Every year WFD is celebrated on 16th October to overcome the poverty, hunger, and migration caused due to a shortage of food. More than 150 countries celebrate WFD. There is a fact that 1 in 8 people are undernourished. In 2010: 20,000 children died from starvation. Climate is changing food and agriculture too. Every year 26 million people are displaced by climate and natural disasters.

Pakistan is an agricultural country. In rural areas where the main source of bread and butter is agriculture, climatic factors are acting adversely on crops. Being a student of Entomology and belonging to a rural area I have come to know that huge amount of destruction to crops especially wheat crop, is caused by insects from sowing till harvesting, even at storage places. So, if good and well-developed pesticides and insecticides companies are constructed in rural areas, this will give the job opportunity to unemployed deserving people in the area will cause a huge difference. Besides these, the factors that are involved in poverty and hunger are lack of jobs and low investment in the agriculture sector. So, if awareness is awake in the farmer, jobs are awarded to unemployed people, construction of godown and excellent food storage techniques will help to overcome the hunger and poverty in the world.

In short, a sustainable agriculture system must be developed to ensure the affordable food supply for all.






Migration means leaving one place and moving into a different place to seek better chances to improve one’s life. No doubt that migration does help host countries by increasing their skilled workforce and by providing them with more intellectual minds to work and boost their economics.

In 2015, the number of people migrating was up to 1 out of every 7 people in the world.Every picture has two sides, so on a darker aspect, migration brings lose to the home country and the immigrants as well because it is not easy to leave your homeland behind and start living on another place, working from zero again. As a habitant of an underdeveloped and developing countries, one has to struggle for the basic necessities of life i.e. food, shelter and clothing.

As we know that in the past few decades, the migration rate from Pakistan to abroad has increased immensely, mostly due to lack of resources and job opportunities in Pakistan. An educated person needs a good job in order to live well, but the main reasons for migrations from Pakistan are mainly poverty, hunger, climate changes and no jobs available.

From such conditions, the most impacted parts are the rural areas that lack basic schooling facilities. First of all, their children remain illiterate mainly due to poverty and also due to lack of awareness of the importance of education. Secondly, even if a child works hard to complete his schooling still he has to struggle a lot for his higher education as there are no higher education setups in Pakistan’s rural areas and in urban areas, they are way too expensive for a farmer or any villager to afford.

So our government needs to invest in policies of food securities and rural development so that these farmers are provided with the right tools and taught the techniques to produce more profit with less investment.

Food Food and Food

Yes, we can change future of migration. But there is need to overcome some critical problems existing in rural areas. According to my observation, natives of rural areas feel more comfortable to live in the land of love(Villages) than city life. But unfortunately, some factors like fewer income resources, poor education system, poverty, and hunger compel these people to flee their homes.

These problems can be addressed by awareness programs. Rural people mostly depend directly or indirectly on Agriculture. If Agriculture system can be improved then living style of rural people will become better. And it can also lead to increased food security.

The better Education system can also change the concept of migration. An educated farmer will do his agricultural practices in modern ways. So improved Education system, good transport facilities, political stability and awareness programs are vital to deal to change migration concept.

Growing population of urban areas is making food security even more challenging. So it is necessary to turn the future 0f migration by providing these people a balanced life style in rural  areas.

World Food Day to me

Change the future of migration, Invest in food security and rural development is the theme to celebrate the world food day. It may wonder you that why the word celebrates is used by me because this is not a day to celebrate but is to inform the whole world that food insecurity is chopping the human life like a chopping machine which remains known to people until it chops the crop. Yes, I am sure to say that all the high-class people (politicians) just celebrate this day. Yes, they talk about food insecurity but merely for a while when they sit on the dining tables of white houses and also get money from it. The hell is going on is, that media goes to snap their personalities but not to capture their real responsibilities for the betterment of mankind.

Oh! No, yet I have to go to the concerned points and after it you have to decide that either I was true or not to use the word celebrate. I want to ask some questions to you because you are going to read it and you have to decide where are you paying either in the celebrations of politicians or in securing your food.

My questions are

  • Is it possible to celebrate World Food Day in rural areas? If yes, then why we are not doing this?
  • Has the government provided basic facilities to poor farmers? If it has then why the government does not enquire that how poor the farmers are?
  • Why the whole money is not being invested in rural development which is utilized to celebrate the World Food Day by government offices in urban areas? I think it will be the U Tern in migrations towards cities. Am I right?
  • Do you think that media channels ratting become lower if the company for “Not to migrate towards cities” Or “Secure your food through rural areas development”?
  • Because I am a student so towards me, this is the most important question “That why not VC of any university calls to open an “Agriculture College or University” in a rural area on this day?
  • What are these suggestions or questions? This is another question.  

I have much more things to say but my heart says me to stop. So I have nothing to say but a Say is to say.

“I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand and Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words to say that our food is secured and rural life is developed.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                

If I was called to set a theme for World food Day than I would like to suggest

“Please Save the Death in Life of Poor’s, By giving them Food of Yours.”