Climatic Change & Its Impacts on Human Life

Climate change has a major issue in the recent epoch of science. Climate change has referred to rise in the average surface of temperature on the earth.  Climate change has increased due to the destruction of natural things and adaptation of hazards things. Pakistan has become 7th global warming country in the world.  Therefore, Pakistan has a facing lot of difficulties in climate change. Global warming increased because of deforestation, overpopulation, pollutions, greenhouse impact, and the ozone layer.

I think life on earth is possible because of the temperature of the sun. While human destroyed their natural environment, then the temperature will be increased and although warmth of the sun.  Due to high temperature of sun and fallen of ozone layer on Earth, the life of humans is in worse condition. The 2nd factor of climate change is deforestation. Deforestation has reduced in carbon dioxide. High deforestation leads to the disaster it may be in the shape of floods, earthquakes, diseases etc.

In my opinion, the 3rd major cause of climate change in our country is over population. Over population is lead to poverty. When poverty will be increased then humans destroyed their natural environment to achieve some income, take the example of agriculture sector when people are using pesticide material for the growth of land and maximum production. But they do not know what they are doing. Some people may know but ignore the impact of pesticides on the environment. In the interest of income generating, people are destroying their environment. Therefore, if we will be not committed to the protection of our environment then we have faced a lot of troubles in future.