Environmental Issue of Lahore

One day, on the way to my department, I saw some fade and languid flowers on a rose plant. which were not provided a clean environment to blossom; those which were blossomed their petals were withered. Taking some time to mull over our inhuman behavior towards nature. In a time of darkness and greed, these flowers are depending upon us for their breed but this poor and selfish species are known as the “Human Beings, superior of all creations” have destroyed the existence of natural beauty.Walking through the pavement of my street, I came across these gloomy flowers which were crying on their forlorn condition. I sat on the pavement and pondered upon its delusional state, throwing flashbacks on the recent activities that might have occurred reminded me of smog episode and air pollution in Lahore.



We are responsible for the world’s air pollution. For the sake of our comfort, we use fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline for heating as well as to operate transportation vehicles, in generating electricity, and in manufacturing and other industrial processes. These things which are used to facilitate ourselves, are creating air pollution. Burning these fuels causes smog and acid rain.

Power plants and factories emit much of the sulfuric air pollutants. Air pollution can damage vegetation, especially in major cities where there is an amalgamation of industries and smoke from vehicles. It is harmful to plants.In that way, Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides enter leaf pores and damage plants. Pollutants also break away the cuticle of leaves that prevent excessive water loss, causing further damage to them that are important to the surrounding environment. Twitching out my thoughts, I watered the plant by taking water from the nearer tap and went on my way.

Smog in Lahore


Smog, a threat to the human life? Currently, smog levels in Lahore are pretty down. It is ranked 4th amongst the top 10 worst countries for smog. It is a chemical reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. According to a report, a citizen of Lahore consumes 2 packs of cigarettes a day.


Such immense consuming can cause aggravate health problems such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory problems. This can also cause eye irritation, reduced resistance to colds and lung infections. Solution to this can be, creating laws to reduce smog and they should be strictly implemented. The laws may include restrictions on what chemicals a factory can release into the atmosphere, or when the factory can release them.

Communities should have “Burn Days” when the residents can burn their household waste such as leaves in their yard. These actions will limit the chemicals being released into the air, reducing the amount of smog. To sum it up, smog is a threat to human life but with some help from the authorities, we can overcome this crisis and make Lahore a better place for the upcoming generations.