Tax disparity & tax injustice repel nation to miseries

Greatly astonishing to know that the poor people and commonly deprived and underprivileged people of Pakistan were being burgled in the name of the tax by the regressive tax system of Pakistan.

The mostly hard-poor population of Pakistan is bearing expensive and exclusive expenses for the enjoyment of the luxurious lives of the rulers and elected members.

Heart bleeds, that once, who has nothing to pay for the fees of their kids for schooling, disappointed to provide two-time meals to his/her kids and even no clothes to put on at their half-naked bodies and we observed their kids shatter in the coldish weather.

Which the situation could be, but poor people are abiding to pay the tax to the government for its functioning and entertaining the high perks and privileges of the rulers and their facilitators.

“The solitary kid (son) of Annu died for the quest of a low-priced pill but on tax of Annu, yet his rulers were feeding their dollies (dogs) with high-cost feeds”

The pertaining situation was more pathetic and pitiable for all those poor individuals who could dare to defy the regressive tax system of Pakistan, he may don’t cost to bear the price of the “cloth, cover the corpse” but the government would not tolerate his negligence in paying the tax.

The rulers and their facilitators by using their lofty rights can get exemption and relief in connection of paying their tax of their palaces, business and others banks credits or huge assets but the poor couldn’t dare so. There is an aged concept made in the poorest society of Pakistan that “government operate its systems for the favors of the rulers and their successors but perishing the poor”

Could we talk on the policies for improving social justice and tax justice that usually mean for things such as the provision of the basic facilities like health facilities, free quality education, food security or other basic infrastructures and cash transfers to the poorest segments of the population? There is an old Latin saying goes, “It is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice.”

So the crumbling, inefficient and corrupt tax tackles are the root cause of the present pertaining pathetic situation of the country. Tax officials tirelessly squeeze and penalize poor taxpayers on the one hand but on the other, join hands with and protect big tax evaders

The poor people and small businessman, already heavily taxed through withholding tax mechanism, are victims of their highhandedness. It is high time that government must put its viable efforts in order to stop malicious propaganda against the people in general and poor and small business community in particular.

At present the entire poor population of Pakistan having below taxable incomes is paying income tax on the low resource or income, but government is yet the favoring the richest to save them from tax-paying and we must not forget that all these type policies which mainly target the poor can grow the cancer of inequality in the society and we should note that tax avoidance and evasion can hamper development efforts.

It is now a time to put an end to this injustice so justice can prevail and must change the regressive tax system in progressive taxation amid to provide basic facilities properly to the nation.