Pakistan is blessed to have a population that comprises of more than 60 percent of youth. Youth accelerates the wheels of nation towards development and enables every nation to get self-sufficient and independent.

It is quite unconvincing that Pakistan being a rich country in youth still thrives to get its name out of the list of the third world countries, that withstands with its name since its independence. Nations develop and win the battles against poverty and backwardness if each of the citizens does his share of work with honesty and sincerity but it is unfortunate to say that we as a nation wait for miracles to happen. We seldom do our part of hard work and long for things to change abruptly that’s quite impossible because ‘’Allah Almighty never changes the condition of people until they change it themselves’’. There is a huge list of problems of problems that have entangled the people of Pakistan. Two of the very important issues will be discussed here.


We as a nation are badly caught in the clutches of irresponsibility. We as a state, as an institution, as a leader, as a teacher, as a student and even as a parent are oblivious of our jobs which we should do.

Pakistan has stepped to the top position leaving Afghanistan and Africa behind in child mortality rate, that’s about more than 60 percent. People of Sindh are drinking water that gets contaminated by the leakages occurring from sewage lines. The foreign reserves of Pakistan have fallen down to 0.7 billion dollars against 7.5 billion dollars sometimes earlier. Circular debt is increasing day by day. Along with health picture. According to a report, more than 50 percent of the girls are out of schools in Baluchistan province. School buildings have become the habitat of animals. Dropout rates are getting higher and higher. Despite all the failures in front of its eyes, the government of Pakistan is a silent spectator waiting for CPEC to change their destiny.

Institutions along with government are no more than the exception. Institution drives the people of the nation, they look towards the institutions for guidance and support. If institutes themselves teach mismanagement, corruption, and immorality then citizens will also follow the same path. It is not the issue that there are no resources in institutes, they do exist but the problem lies in management and decision making.

Besides all the above-mentioned problems, students are playing their complete role in worsening the situations. Students who should be the role model for the society, do not exhibit any sense of maturity and responsibility. They do not bother to close the tap while they brush, they feel inferior in picking up the garbage thrown by themselves. How to morally guide such a mind set up is sensitive question whish should be answered by policies and action rather than just words.


The stereotype thinking of our nation has kept them cling to the government jobs. Students of medical, economics, arts even agriculture students are demanding for government job merely because they lack accountability and industry. Entrepreneurship has no culture in Pakistan. People having large chunks of land should go for entrepreneurship but such people are also seen crying for government jobs. Entrepreneurship leads towards innovation and advancement generating new business ideas and thoughts. Until and unless domestic ideas will not make their place in the business sector, local markets will not flourish resulting in economic backwardness and ignorance.

Technologically, Pakistan is one of the largest users of the worldwide web. If the government is unable to generate employment opportunities why not to get the advantage of the modern technology as a substitute for earning money. Accompanying the prime minister laptop scheme another relative scheme of online courses should be started to teach the students to earn money online so that student could do something prolific rather than scrolling the social media up and down.

In a nutshell it can be stated that talent does exist in Pakistan, only a correct direction is needed. Once it will set its feet on the accurate track no force of the world will stop it from touching the heights of the sky and depths of the oceans.