A Journey

It was 2014 when I was graduate from Superior college. I have nothing to do after my graduation due to higher second division I was enabled to got admission in my master program. I have no clear vision of my future. In the meantime I started an internship at MCB bank limited for the period of six months and didn’t pay for whole period, I left this internship as I got a job in a UK based call center as CRO but I left this job too after one month due to certain circumstances and came back to home. My teacher gave me some assistance by appointing me as a teacher for 10th grade in his own academy as I am well in tutting the children. My dream is to get admission in Punjab University in the master program and I became successful in 2015 and got admission in PGDAE ( postgraduate diploma in applied economics). So I left the academy and start learning economics.

I do have a project work on a Federal budget of Pakistan for the fiscal year of 2015–16 on my own and voluntarily. This project work gives me my vision for future and I decide to work for the govt of Pakistan to serve the nation through the ministry of finance. So I start learning economics and got admission in MSC. economics at the same university.

This first challenge I have faced in my study is that I need to travel 200 km daily to approach the university. It was really a difficult task cause I have no money left after my fee payment. So I start to teach in a school again. I do my duty in morning and attend classes in evening after traveling 200 km on daily bases. This exercise has a bad effect on my health but I keep it up cause this gave me a lot of opportunities to learn many new things which I couldn’t imagine in my life.

To be able to continue my study I need to work hard. First thing I do for this is to maintain my time, I use to teach from 7 am-2 pm and then travel to Lahore for my classes as the classes are in the evening shift. the second thing is to maintain my study and teaching.

To me, this exercise is really hectic and I suppose if there is any other individual other then me it will give up learning. I do this exercise and the main challenge I faced is to get familiar with the class environment.

The main learning of this whole exercise is that “ Work hard and there is no shortcut to success”. As Edhi Sb told “work and work, you will achieve your target”

Now I believe that with hard work we can achieve all of our goals and with firm believe and determination I will be successful in my coming life again as I am now.

Mansab Ali: from the Economics Department University of the Punjab.