Climate change is an alarming issue nowadays which is faced by the whole world. It is affecting the life drastically. The main reason behind this sudden change in environment is deforestation. According to a review forest should cover 31 % of the total area of land but in Pakistan it exists on less than 4 % of the total area. Deforestation is playing a leading role to promote global warming, floods, soil erosion and heavy storms.
Global warming is associated directly with the rise in temperature; increase in the concentration of CO2 and depletion of ozone layer. Cutting trees is increasing the temperature due to less evaporation of water from the plant body surface. Less evaporation of water increases the temperature of biosphere and causes less rainfall on earth. In other way deforestation also enhances pollution of the environment and eventually causing acid rains.
Trees are the big source of oxygen production and help us utilize the extra concentration of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere.
Due to a high concentration of CO2 atmospheric temperature is increasing day by day. Smog is also produced by the high CO2 concentration in the atmosphere through the terrific smokes on the roads. Last year, it was the big issue in the Punjab Province which caused many deaths through road accidents. Increase in the concentration of CO2 is also damaging the ozone layer and is depleting it gradually. Harmful rays emitted from the sun are prevented through ozone layer to reach on the earth. But due its depletion radioactive rays are penetrating from the ozone and striking on the earth. These rays are hazardous and cause cancer and many allergic diseases in humans.

Trees also hold the earth firmly by providing protection from the sudden environmental changes like floods. Mostly these are planted on the banks of rivers to make them strong. But due to increase in the trend of cutting trees, floods are occurring at an alarming rate and 2010 floods are a logical example of deforestation. Every year some portions of all the provinces are flooded with river flood. Flood is not only damaging our homes, buildings but also make our land barren through soil erosion. In this situation, soil nutrients are moved to another part of the earth. Thus soil fertility is decreased and it is converted to saline soil. Therefore, our land is converted into deserts gradually.
Trees are being cut down due to ever increasing population rate. There is no check and balance to control population. So we have to face this in the form of deforestation which is considered to be very dangerous for us and our coming generations as well. As like focusing on the food crops to fulfill the demands of food, there is a need to make strategies for trees planting along with other field crops. Paper industry is benefitting from use of trees but as compared to trees cutting, planting of trees ratio is very low. It is necessary to plant one tree in your lawn with the newborn baby for its oxygen source.

It is concluded that we have to plant trees more and more. Just as we celebrate other days we should also celebrate forest day with seminars and conferences for awareness and its implementation as well. This is the only way to get rid of the great issue of climate change. Grow more trees to make you and other people lives more pleasant.