Solutions to Save Food to avoid Hunger

Food is the basic need of life and in a country like Pakistan people are not having enough food and yet most of the food we eat is wasted daily in homes, hotels, malls and picnic places. We need to manage food by preventing it from wastage. For this purpose, we must initiate a project to create awareness among people to stop wasting that food and to properly pack and distribute it among the needy ones.

It’s the right time to take an initiative as a nation to contribute towards food safety while changing people’s thinking to create this country a better place for all.

As a Pakistani, I feel very helpless when I see people eating wasted food from the dustbins. Allah blessed this beautiful country with all the natural resources and it is a grower of all the important crops. Agriculture sector of Pakistan contributes a major part in the economy as it accounts for 21% of GDP.

But still many people in Pakistan sleep with empty stomachs. Some strategies should be devised so that all the citizens of this country may get the necessity of life i.e. food daily.

So, take the first step towards change from yourself and stop wasting the food. Fill your plate with a little less than you need. At home, meals should be made in just the appropriate amount so that no excess food can be wasted.

If by chance the meals prepared are more than your daily requirement, then pack them in a proper way and distribute among the needy people around you. Give them what you choose for your own self.

Create awareness among people to stop spoiling the food through different kinds of seminars and public service messages. If you see some people in your area doing such activities try to communicate them effectively and help them to be a better person.

Your way of communication should be kind towards people. Try to avoid criticizing people.