Save Food Fight Hunger

Are we humans?
Who gave us right to throw food on streets? who gave us right to ignore poor people and hungry children begging at the streets? why they are doing so? they don’t wish for a luxury lifestyle like others?
Yes they wish.they also have feelings.but when all the doors are seemed to be closed then people are enforced towards begging.hunger is the most important factor that forces people.
A hunger man is the most helpless person in the world and he can do anything for his hungry children.
The other side of scenery,
a person ordered two pizzas for dinner, for the family of 3 persons. they eat one and keep the rest for next day.on next day the pizza gets spoiled and he throws it out in a basket outside of the house. poor kids wandering at streets and begging for food saw the pizza and rush towards the basket to take it and eat half pizza on the spot and take remaining at their self-made broken house to eat it at dinner…
Please stop wasting food…
eat simple, live simple, let other people eat what is their basic right…