Yet We havent learned to Walk

The folks don’t have leisure for their generations, it’s the reality and we are even in dome state as our eyes are open but we are unable to see that. Let me make you realize some of the core ailment’s that are challenging. I remember once the professor said “mind is a terrible thing to waste”

Though the burden being generated by us for our descendants is piling up right now, this pose of some middle-aged scientists would make you think that how much busy we are in our conversations, routines and so-called activities from our daily life. They had forgotten what was behind them, they had forgotten the coming life’s and indulge their selves in their own.

Here I have this picture being taken on a study tour of research students but the matter of consideration is that they aren’t aware of the polluted environment and busy in chat and the selfie session which is considered as much important as drinking water at the time of @saftaar. But hereby I pledge to all the communities, casts, societies and whatever you feel proud calling be unite when it comes to cleanliness as our religion emphasis on this particular issue. This should be our priority to come up with solutions as might few would say what are the comprehensive solutions in this sort of idea.

let’s just dive into these:

  1. Make yourself feel that it’s your issue, just start owing it
  2. Start addressing this issue
  3. Do something for the betterment
  4. Don’t feel bad when you heard the things about you, because whenever you will do something worthwhile there will be criticism

Nowadays we are not taking these environmental issues as seriously as it needs to be that’s why I said we haven’t learned to walk because it’s the place where we live in so we have to be concerned about that. what awesome words said, Robert Swan:

“The greatest threat to our planet is the believe that someone else will it

Sports City” under vulnerability

“I think all the garbage in the world is thanks to a very small handful of idiots” (Jeff Dunham)

When I was in puerility the parents often used a phrase which at that period couldn’t make any sense for me @parents: don’t throw it for others harm. Whenever I used to throw my stuff related to food, gadgets and edible products etc. did hear from them not to do that, it will affect us. They never said it will affect the environment coz when things got personal the prospective would change as it is a reality. So all in all now I have understood that how it could be hazardous for me.

It’s the fact, a person loves wherever he born, so Sialkot (the sports city) is my love.

It has been producing some great products for years especially in sports, surgical and leather etc. the city is growing fast, achieving its goals and providing the source for the earning.

The drawbacks are the parts of community so it also has.

The dilemma with that I have:

The city is getting eroded by number of problems which needs to be under serious consideration but unfortunately not. Utmost issue we have there is of air pollution.

Air pollution do have several causes and probably we all are familiar why it happens but the core issue is we are not taking it as seriously, as it needs to be. The hazards which I did observe and general issues the city has:

  1. Aerosols in air of the city
  2. Environment get polluted
  3. Enhancement in general issues related to health

“Why we are living? the special component which constitutes is oxygen: which means air”

  1. Drastic change in temperature
  2. Worsening the climate for agriculture production

There are techniques through which we could overcome these effects not only to ourselves but for the environment.

  1. We have to come out by taking it as serious issue so, the public keep in their minds of air pollution while throwing or doing something
  2. Planting more tree could overcome the effects of aerosols
  • If we have industries like in Sialkot so, there should be proper managed system for their aerial waste.
  1. Agriculture sector could also be improved by taking measures against the issues like (covering, mulching)

Some of them really are after measures, but we should seek and look for the prior preventions. That’s how I came up with issues which I had in my surrounding just like that if something related to this issue or any other sort of issues you people observe so just make them public.

“Look just to enlighten the issue isn’t a wise message but to provide them with the cure is actually something worthwhile”

It’s worth saying that, “Taking care of the environment, actually means that you are striving for the nation’s future”