Be good to Environment, it will be good to you.

A few days ago I was traveling with my grandfather along the roads of LAHORE. Gossips are being done among us and suddenly a topic of discussion started on “Environment” and I was really shocked when my grandfather emphasize loudly that man has vanished the environment both implicitly and explicitly, curiously I asked them that how I don’t get your point and he answer me in detail and below I am sharing it with you.

He started by defining the environment as: “Environment is everything around us. It may be in a geographical form or spiritual form”

A geographical environment can be defined as all the physical things around human under, above or around him which may affect their life in any perspective. The examples are quoted as   mountains, rivers, atmosphere and many more

Whereas spiritual environment is deeply in link with human behaviours. It includes relations of people with each other, their dependence on each other etc.

He said: “We won’t have the society if we destroy our environment”

Looking outside the car window, he pointed out, towards some burning bags which are causing jet black smoke and told me that ‘Every action has equal and opposite nature’ as we people are destroying our nature by our such worst activities we must hope that environment is also going to harm us with same force and even it is happening .  We are playing a foul game with it, it will also play a foul game with us.

First we discussed, how we are destroying our environment. The major reason is pollution we are polluting our nature in various ways and the centre of appetite is traffic pollution. We are increasing our number of vehicles day by day without knowing its harms. The smoke of the traffic vehicle is containing tiny particles which are very injurious to our health as well as for our environment also. On the other side, our industry is also playing a crucial role in defaming the environment. The water from industries in going on to mix with pure water of river as well as it is also spoiling underground water.

Now an important thing that I was noting is changes in climate. As summer is not on time, it is getting long and long, low rainfalls, contraction of winter tenure, seasons are getting mild and mild day by day and many more all are because of changes in the environment. Global warming is a great issue which is damaging our environment day by day. It is damaging us in many ways. Temperature is going on an increase, as well as it is affecting health as well such as skin cancer etc.

He told me that human for theircentre of appetite cutting hills, forests, using nuclear program that is damaging our environment. Nature has provided us lush green and healthy environment but humans are going to change it. They are making it even worst. Cutting of trees is the backbone issue of pollution. Humans are not happy with nature as it is. Human is CROWN OF ALL CREATURES but kept their eyes close in the matter of environment and its stability. Human is worse in relative to destroying the environment.

Change in environment has many effects on human life in several ways. It can effect physically or behaviourally. While talking about physical effects it as

  • Health effects
  • Pollution effects
  • Climatic effects
  • Food effects

And many more

The important thing here is to discuss the spiritual effects of changes in environment. Environment has damaged human spiritually a lot as:

  • Harshness in behaviour:

Humans are getting harsh and harsh day by day. People have zero patience in them. They are not agree to tolerate even a little issue. People are fighting with each other on lame basis.  If we compare a human of today with a man of a century ago he was cool minded, he doesn’t argue or fight on non-genuine issues. He has qualities of tolerance but now it is not in sight. This all is happening just because environment is not healthy. There are many particles in atmosphere which made him nerves full of anxiety.

  • Mentally disturbed human:

Today a human is mentally disturbed. He is a patient of anxiety and depression. Even ill children are also facing this problem and all is due to their environment. People are living in such environment where there is no mental peace. People are surrounded with injurious things and most important is Noise pollution. Noise pollution has effected a human a lot and made him a patient.

  • Role of technology:

Technology has also played an important role in human’s life. With the time there is advancement in technology and with many merits technology is spreading people from one another. Mobiles, laptops, internet usage limited people to their rooms and cut off them from family and friends and people are in lugged in idle pursuits. Advancement in technology also affected human environment very badly but its effect is only dependent upon human that how he uses it.

After much discussion, he stopped and said now let’s talk about some positive perspective and said


The environment has gifted a lot to a man. The man has to be thankful for the environment for many blessings as a human can still enjoy a healthy and sound life. The environment has a great effect on lives of people so still, there are many good people who influence the society in good manners. Hazard Muhammad S.A.W and Abdul Sitar in Delhi are great examples who change the whole environment and spread peace, love, and care.

The environment can be very beneficial if it is treated in well and kind way. We all know as you sow, so shall you reap. The same case is in the environment, if we are environment-friendly then environment has also a great friendlier behaviour.  It totally depends upon us that how we are, if we use pollution free vehicles, chimneys in burners, properly dispose of things then the environment will not harm us. We all are born of this environment and it’s our duty to take care of the environment.

While in this time we reach home and he concluded as:The environment is everything around us and the changes made by humans are harming it, in the result Environment is harming us.

Be good to Environment, it will be good to you.

And adopt some precautionary measures as

    Avoid spreading pollution

    be nature-friendly

    Plant the trees

    Save natural heritance

    Share this message with all