Food Producer Depriving for Food Security

Pakistan is an agricultural and food producer country especially Punjab is the largest food producer province in the country. But, the recent international reports have claimed that the millions of Pakistani people are depriving for adequate food and food security. Pakistan is rapidly heading toward food insecurity. It is pertinent to mention here that a large number of people who are directly or indirectly involved in food production are depriving for food security. According to the World Food Summit in 1996, Food Security is defined as “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. The definition of food security raising questions over our food security measures that physically and economically sufficient, safe nutritious food access for all the people all the time is big question.  Nevertheless, we would say, it is not a big question in Pakistan; it most likely seems impossible in the county.

Largest portion of the nation is suffering for the food access all the time without questioning its sufficiency, nutrition and safety; they only want to access the food to survive. Only access of all the people all the time is a greater problem despite thinking for food nutrition, safety and sufficiency. Largest portion of the nation living a poverty life and food is their most necessary and fundamental problem to survive. International and national food and poverty statistics are presenting drastic conditions of food security. The access of food has become the main problem especially for the poor people.  One of the main reasons for non-access to food is price hike. Most of the poor people including middle class are unable to access a balance food to maintain healthy and active life. The second factor is food shortage due to agricultural expenditure, barren lands, artificial shortage, waste of foods, less national investment in agriculture, use of insufficient agricultural technologies and less effective pesticides along with first export national foods than import less quality foods. The another reason is degraded trades system as producer earning less than the supplier and retailers; the farmer and laborer who are the main producers earning less than the brokers, suppliers and retailers.

Foods’ sufficiency, nutrition and safety are ignored as a practice. Although government and some other institutes are trying to develop awareness and proactive measures but it is far away to standardized food security. The nation is forced to access contaminated foods. The most of the diseases are caused by food insecurity. The number of food insecurity diseases increasing day by day and country is contributing to boost it more rather than restricting the causes. Poverty especially rural poverty is main hurdle for production and buying of quality food. Health and food security are related to each other as depend on each other. Subsequently, we are falling down in food security and health conditions.

There is a dire need to take immediate measures to avoid food insecurity otherwise it will cripple down us. The government is most responsible to ensure food security as the Constitution of Pakistan’s article 38(d) affirms government responsibility to ensure provision of necessities including food. It can be achieved through proper awareness of food security, development of agriculture sector, poverty alleviation especially rural poverty including farmers, laborers and household poverty.