Climate Change for Me

“Climate Change” reached to me as a highly complicated and technical term it was really hard to digest it as a new subject at first sight. I heard and seen rains, storms, winds, floods and waves since my birth but have never asked and never told about the reasons and process involve in it. Informally things came into my mind when some of our family friends moved to Islamabad in 2010 after high flood in South Punjab. Things were still at six and seven until the day I was appointed as representator of Climate Change and Food Security at my area. So the learning started with a few workshops on climate change and its impacts in Pakistan.  I found outer face of climate change very reasonable and presentable may be due to my less exposure and knowledge.  Afterward I had an exposure of South Punjab where rural communities revealed real picture. For a moment I forgot all those video showcases of Climate extreme events that I had watch on Social Media before been on the actual place. Terrible as much terrible you could think, pity as much pity one can imagine and ignored as much ignorance we can do to someone. Question is what ignorance have we done to Climate Change? Ignorance is when we only give few seconds to weather news in the end of daily bulletin mostly when the channel is switched; Ignorance is when we listen about climate disaster somewhere and just ask our relatives who have been living to that place by ignoring rest of all. Ignorance is when a large number of thesis on climate change is never taken as a guide paper while policy making. Ignorance is when effected community itself ignores their losses and stay on the place due to natural affiliation. Ignorance is such when we never highlight the issues in our daily discussion, we never ask to our authorities. Should we wait long for political priorities of Government to wake and take up actions or should we carry on with our little contributions to the issue?

Every year climate change snatches the lives of these communities interestingly, Climate Change is never uncertain to the area so what I think is that regular losses have become a routine to the listeners and to the victims as well. How it feel if we sleep and found our home , our kids, our assets to be missed  in morning due to high sand storm.  Here the homeless and foodless communities had no one to rely for getting asses to basic needs. Needs ? I mean what needs are to them?  Nothing, but an environment where they could breathe freely and fearlessly.   Droughts, Floods, heat waves are very interesting subjects for a research student , for sure he/she would get excellent data with solid evidences for research construct but what that concrete piece of paper has brought to the victims? What has brought the situation at such level?  Where from climate change has entered and reached to our lives so closely? What part could we play to adaptive measures of Climate Change?  ? Questions question and questions????  All I am here to make you think so that climate change could come up from a least ignorance level to social and political priorities.

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