Pakistan, India and European Union, is it a workable Idea?

Former Swedish Prime Minister Mr. Carl Bildt has said that India and Pakistan could use the European Union as an example to find common ground and solutions. Apparently a catchy suggestion but really needs to work hard to analyze the statement in the light of more than half century’s history and the political motives and wills to set aside the matter.

European Union is an advance model of Federalism, which is covering an area of 4,324,782 km2, with an estimated population of over 508 million. Currently it is an economic-political union of 28 member states (Out of 51 countries of Europe). It has developed an internal single market through a standardized system of laws that apply in all member states. Within the Schengen Area, passport controls have been abolished.  Currently, 19 member states are using the Euro currency. It is evaluated from a process of post World War II phenomenon and found its roots into the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952. It involves several treaties and acts, importantly can be mentioned as Brussels Treaty, Paris Treaty, Modified Brussels Treaty, Merger Treaty, Schengen Treaty, Single European Act and so on. With the period of time, European Union is grown from six founding members to the current 28 states. Country, who is intending to be the part of the EU, will be the party of the treaties in order to achieve the benefits and follow the obligations. This is what the beauty of Federalism that states are voluntarily coming together. When we study each of the members of the union, we can draw some general conclusions as follows:

  • All member states are sovereign
  • They promote their languages and culture

Basically it is a politico- economical setup to develop a common market, which eventually becomes a single market. They have in this way also controlled the Germany to think anymore about any offensive step. If Pakistan and India are really smart enough and able to tackle their extremist factors, taking China as role model to show the patience and down to earth strategy to gain something worthy, it will be a breakthrough for the region and for both the countries. Unfortunately, the history of Pakistan telling harsh stories that how it has betrayed its confederating units. The big example is the separation of Bangladesh. The other states are seemingly not too much happy with it. Thus, it would be very challenging to build the trust and carry forward the commitments.

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