Unseen force behind rising food price

We usually get a sneaking suspicion every time we go to shop for groceries (fruits, vegetables). Food generally costs more than it did a year ago. Global food production is struggling to keep pace with rise in demand for commodities. This leads to increase in price of commodities.

Government and consumer are decrying about the steady increase in food prices. However many groups of NGOs are taking a hard look at some of the factors that contribute to linkage of increase in commodity price and climate change.

Climate Change has environmental and socioeconomic outcomes for agriculture. There is change in quality and availability of land, soil and water resources. This later reflects in crop performance which causes price to rise. Conditions of climate change force farmers to continually adapt their agricultural productions particularly in decline or rise in water availability.

Primary and Secondary data sources believe that climate change has been attributed to greater inconsistencies in agricultural condition. It ranges from erratic flood and drought cycles to longer growing seasons. This impacts the supply in market of food commodities to be less as compared to before, leading to increase in demand and prices. Rising food cost impacts every person across the globe. It diminishes the ability of millions of families to meet the other essential needs.

The truth is that we will probably not be able to stop the climate change to any significant degree to bring the food yields to what we need. The biggest concern is probably in developing countries that rely more on grains. We may need to find different ways to grow the grains we need to supply the growth in population. Maybe developing controlled environment grow houses that can grow all year long will help. These would also help with employment. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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