Climate Change

Climate change is basically changed in weather patterns that are caused by global warming. Global warming is a warming of globe mean warming of our earth.this warming brings drastic changes in our environment. Reasons behind this warming is 1) Anthropogenic activities

2) Natural activities

3) Malinkoite cycle

Most parts of causing global warming are of humans as man-made things of comfort releasing such gasses. These gasses are greenhouse gasses includes methane (CH4),carbon dioxide(CO2),water vapors(H2O),ozone(O3) and nitrous oxides(NOX).most contribution among them is of water vapors. Methane comes from paddy rice fields as well as from dairy and milk production sources while NOX comes from vehicular emission as well as CO2 also come from different sources causing global warming. Sun rays inform different wavelengths including UV, Visible and infrared comes towards the sun rays fall on the earth some of light is absorbed by atmosphere about 30% ,25% is reflected back and 45%is get to the surface of the earth which after heating earth surface re-radiate to the atmosphere where they are captured in CO2 layer causing warming of the natural activities, these involve such as solar radiation as well as the volcanic eruption . Volcanic eruption contributes for the emission of many of  greenhouse gasses.

Positive and negative feedbacks are involved in global warming. Positive feedback is when global warming causes global warming like if more temperature more evaporation will occur causing more global warming as water vapor is a greenhouse gas. But negative feedback is when global warming causes cooling instead of more evaporation more cloud penetration, less penetration of of the example of positive feedback is polar amplification when ice is melted due to high temperature and albedo become less so warming occurs. Due to this whole climate of an overall globe is changed. Weather patterns have changed now. We can observe it now recent year as a temperature is relatively than previous years. Heat wave in Karachi was also observed bringing about drastic changes.

Effects of such weather pattern and climatic variations are shifting of an ecosystem as species adapted to live in less altitude having a normal cold now due to warming are compelled to shift at more latitudes . Species which are unable to survive live in these conditions are becoming extinct such as polar bears and gullies mots.Change in agricultural production also occur as the weather is changed therefore crops will get affected from it.For this, we need to introduce GM crops. Sea level will decrease as ice will get melted due to warming so sea level  will of the biggest examples are of Antarctica which central ice cap is growing as in mid there is more temperature as compared to poles, therefore, more snow falling in the center than poles. Ice cap of the northern hemisphere has also decreased up to 10.7% since the 1970s.Greenland ice sheet has doubled since 1998.human health effects are that they are suffering from cardiac, respiratory as well as death. Not only humans but plants and animals are also suffering from we need to have control on this. This can be done by two ways either we mitigate  by signing international agreements and limit our emissions or learn to live in such it’s our responsibility as a citizen to protect our environment planting more trees reducing emissions of harmful gasses etc.




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