Save Kashmir

The history of Kashmir is a 65 years old conspiracy that enslaved Kashmiris, and India deprived them of their basic human rights. The dispute arose between Pakistan & India as India claimed that State of Jammu & Kashmir is theirs whereas at the time of partition it was declared as Pakistan’s territory. The state of Jammu & Kashmir which lies in the northwest of the subcontinent has a majority of Muslims, and this was the reason that they declared to go with Pakistan rather than India at the time of partition.

Kashmiris believe that they belong to Pakistan due to their religious majority of Muslims, and in UNSC, Pakistan rejected India’s claim to Kashmir as Kashmiris are not willing to get under India’s administration so no one can force them to be a part of India. Moreover, Kashmiris oppose India because of the brutality and abuse of human rights by Indian Government.

Kashmir is unfinished agenda of Partition of the sub-continent. It was the reason of two wars between Pakistan and India and India is continuously denying the will of the Kashmiris as they want to get independence. It is one of the most dangerous conflicts that can cause a nuclear war.  United nations should take a notice of this issue and they should consider Pakistan’s resolution of declaring Kashmir as Pakistan’s territory.

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