Why Should Boys have all the fun?

A situation in which someone is treated less well because of their sex this situation called gender discrimination. This worse reality exists in our society, usually, a girl treated less well than a boy.

According to the Advocates for Human Rights, “Son preference” is a custom rooted in gender inequality. During a survey, 65.5% of the respondents preferred more boys than girls, 27.4% of the respondents had no preference, while only 6.1% preferred more girls than boys.

When a boy is born, friends and relatives exclaim congratulations. A son means insurance. He will inherit his father’s property and get a job to help support the family. When a girl is born, the reaction is very different. A male child is regarded as more valuable to the family girls often are denied the right to life.

Girls served less food not only in quantity but sometimes in quality also. Society mindset that a boy must be strong healthy and smart because he has faced the world, While girls in a home boundary don’t need quality food, after all, she is a household servant. Girls also avail fewer healthcare facilities than boys.

Similar behavior in education, boys focused more on education than a girl. Quality education decided for them and good institutions selected for him, while on the other hand girls ignored for quality education, being literate is enough for her.

Economically boys are granted with handsome pocket money, they are free to spend this amount where they want, there is no any inquiry what they are doing, but no specific amount reserved for girls, most of the time she compromised with her needs also. In this age of technology, boys are enjoying smartphones, and other IT related accessories while these are prohibited for girls because these things considered as tools which can be used to spoil family respect and status. Discrimination on the basis of gender is distressing the reality. These differences result in criminal activities. People who are discriminated against can suffer significant negative consequences.

Education plays a vital role in society and both the genders have a right to be educated and treated equally. We need to make people aware of the fact that girls are of equal importance as boys. In Islam, having a daughter is considered to be a reward and the parents would be rewarded in the hereafter. Our society needs to understand the rights of girls and should start treating them the way they deserve to be treated.


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