Pakistan’s Media

Media is a propagation medium through which information is disseminated. Media is a very powerful tool for change. What we see on our television screens, or what we watch largely affects our beliefs and our behaviors and thoughts.

Media is considered to be the fourth pillar of the state. In the past few years, Pakistani Media has emerged as the quickest way of information sharing. With the advent of privatization culture, Pakistani Media as aroused as the vibrant force. Pakistani Media has turned into a gun. You can use a gun either to defend yourself, to protect others or to kill others, This is what we are doing,. This is what Pakistani Media is following, they have turned themselves into guns, GUNS which are used to malign and kill others, rather than protecting or giving them a safe side.

In Pakistan, our Media works on an ideology of ratings rather than any moral or ethical stature.Media has the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, they can control the minds of the masses. Media can link governing bodies and the general public for a positive change. They can help the governing bodies to make decisions.

Pakistani media can’t deliver a news without sensation. Unfortunately, Pakistani Media has turned into a bullying machine, and they are not afraid to cross all the ethical and moral lines. An example is when Hamid Mir was attacked, GEO’s newsroom in no time threw blame on Pakistan’s top intelligence agency, and defamed DG ISI without any proper proofs and investigations. There are such other issues where media to behave irresponsibly.

Media should work in promoting and developing social consciousness and actions that are essential for development and betterment of society rather than spreading sensational news and implicating yellow journalism. Besides spreading exaggeration, Pakistani media should resolve the matters with the positive attitude. Media is supposed to play an important role.


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