Another Home for Humans Life

Humans are habitats of planet earth for thousands of years. For centuries, mother earth has provided the resources for the fulfillment of basic necessities of life. The use of these resources has made humans become in a position in respect of realization and utilization of their potentials which is evident in spectacular development in science and technology sector. On the one end industrial revolution has changed the dynamics of humans life materially but on the other has severely affected climate, resulting in a creation of threat to the survival of humanity on the planet they used to live for centuries and centuries.

Technological advancement and industrial revolution have resulted in the increase of pollution with lethal gasses deteriorating the environment. Global warming is one of the impacts of emission of greenhouse gasses. The rise in temperature of the world is causing the arctic to melt at a much faster rate than ever, resulting in the rise of ocean water and changing normal patterns of weather. Heat waves and stormy rains will severely affect the agriculture sector causing food insecurity. Massive flooding will damage the infrastructure and will impact severely on the economies. Climate change together with ever rising population, massive industrialization and inefficient utilization of natural resources is creating the serious threat to our mother planet endangering the life of our future generations.

This alarming situation needs attention and it requires priority on the top of agenda setting at all levels from individuals to states and global community. I propose two-dimensional efforts in this regards. These are as follows:

Efforts Required at Mother Planet Earth:

  • Awareness enhancement on all levels forms individually to state and global level.
  • Productive engagement by effective states and international institutions.
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emission especially by developed world economic sectors.
  • Increase use of renewable energy (Wind, solar and biomass).

Efforts Required to Find another Home for Human Life:

Even after the intensive efforts to save our mother planet from a disaster of climate change, still, humans will not be in the position to survive as they are used to live on planet earth for thousands of years. Humans badly need to “FIND ANOTHER HOME” out there in a solar system or even beyond. As this is the only way for humans to survive in centuries to come. NASA and other similar institutions are making efforts in this regards and us humans have gained success on many fronts but still, the efforts needs to be maximized, keeping in view the threat of climate change to mother planet.


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