Pillar in an Economy

For every nation, there are few pillars, and they are considered as building blocks of a nation. These pillars are Military, Judiciary, and Youth! The stronger these pillars are, the more developed, and the more successful a nation is. The role of youth holds the central place, in deciding the fate of a nation. A very important fact is, that those countries, and nations which keep their youth-focused in the right direction and on the right path, and those countries, who consider their youth, as an important factor of their life are more progressive. Manpower, especially youth are the torch bearer of every nation.

Here in Pakistan, our youth lacks proper guidance, & leadership. All other developed and progressing countries in the world are aware of their worth, and they consider their youth as their asset. The reason for the success of these countries is they provide all the life necessities of life to their youth. Like Education, employment, health, and other facilities. If you are concerned about your youth, and you put it in the right direction, then you will see how productive and how different the results are.

We know, that Pakistan is in danger, and we are surrounded by different threats, including internal and external forces, which are trying to sabotage Pakistan and its peace. There are so many contradictions and problems, which are not letting us be ONE! To be united, we must eliminate the problems and internal disputes, which are among us. We should consider our youth as our power, and they should also consider serving their country as a national responsibly.


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