Social Construction of Climate Change

Social Construction of Climate Change as a Threat will Bring Peace in the Subcontinent

In the years to come our mother planet earth will face destructive situations due to the impacts of climate change. Few areas of the mother planet will be facing the threat at more severe levels than rest, South Asia is one of those. Subcontinent together with Afghanistan will be severely affected by the climate change and will have severe impacts on all sectors of life. The region is facing turmoil, conflicts and enduring rivalry among the different states causing a threat of climate change on a lethal neglect. The subcontinent has witnessed intense conflicts resulting in huge material and nonmaterial loss. Over the decades billions of dollars are utilized by states to counter each other in order to get socially constructed material and nonmaterial interests. On the other hand, very little amount of capital was invested in humans resulting in poverty and miseries across the region. Due to these socially constructed priorities, human security is seriously neglected aspect in the region and climate change is one of the vital aspects in this regards.

Traditional pessimistic approaches in the global political system badly need construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of ideas to bring betterment in human life. It is proposed that social meanings attached to the ideas, beliefs, and objects construct identities and interests leading to make our world either secure or insecure. The socially constructed identities and interests are in positive relation with the creation of hostility in the sub-continent. There is a need to look in the traditional constructed identities and interests which have resulted in the enslavement of humans and states across the region.

Here I want to propose that states in the region need to review their past policies which resulted in hostilities with implications of huge losses and must coup up the challenge of human security with all its aspects. As mentioned earlier environment is one of the core aspects of human security. By adapting the processes of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of ideas, beliefs and objects, the situation can be made favorable to avoid severe impacts of climate change jointly. There is a need to construct climate change as a mutual threat to the states, as joint efforts are required to emancipate billions of miserable humans living in the region.

Emission of green house gases, global warming, melting of glaciers, rising ocean waters, changing normal patterns of weather, food security, famines, droughts and massive flooding are the few impacts of climate change to our region which needs construction of same as a mutual threat on all levels, i.e, individuals to state and international. International, regional and national institutions need to be utilized for social construction of identities and interests in this regards. The state and nonstate actors need to work jointly to tackle the threat as billions of humans security are at stake. I think it’s “now or never situation for SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF CLIMATE CHANGE AS A MUTUAL THREAT TO THE REGION, as we are running out of time”. If the situation is not dealt prudently, “CLIMATE CHANGE WILL BE ONE OF THE CAUSES OF CONFLICT IN THE REGION” endangering the life of billions in the region and will also have serious implications for the international community.South Asian countries and global community badly need to give attention to the social construction of climate change as a threat to help them in agenda setting on all levels from individuals to states and international.


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