Think before you throw

While I was throwing waste in bin today, I thought that where it will go? If it is not disposed of properly it can create trouble for other living beings and can make problem for ecosystem.  Will I be responsible if some problem could happen due to its improper disposal? As the man is improving technologies, he is creating more waste which is not going to be end in any way. As our consumption patterns are changing, we are replicating the waste either in the form of solid waste, waste water or electronic waste (e-waste). We are spreading waste but no one knows where we are going. What we will do if the speed of generation of waste will be continued?  We are only now days are concerned with the needs of our nation to be fulfilled. Are we waiting for the day when the Earth will be like a garbage basket? What do we want to make it? Current situation of Pakistan in handling of waste is not different from other under developed countries. We are just dumping the waste and not concerned with its disposal.  Ground water is being destroyed by the leaching of waste.

The polluted water is being mixed with the fresh water streams. It looks like a nightmare when the Earth will be full of waste and their will not be any place for humans to live in but it can be true if we don’t think about the management of waste. Most of the diseases man is having are due to the unhealthy food and water which is actually due to the effect of contaminated soil and polluted water. We do not even bother to think that where the waste will go which we throw in baskets. If we think about it then we can come to the conclusion that organic waste could be reused as compost, combustible material could be used as refused derived fuel but what will be about curbside which cannot be reused and recycled in any way. But currently in Pakistan we are not even sorting the waste. We are just dumping the waste in mix form. What about the plastic which is not going to be decomposed. It is going to stay in environment for thousands of years and we do not know about its fate yet.

There is no effective way to decompose plastic. It is thought that d2w is effective chemical for the decomposition of plastic but this chemical has its own impacts on environment. Will it be a good approach to destroy one environmental component at the cost of other?  Disposal of e waste is becoming a global problem and we have not found any effective solution yet. There are many other issues of waste, we have to think about them and come up with an integrated approach which could reduce the waste and all the things remain in a circle in such a way it can fulfill the need of user and also generate less waste. We have to adopt the way of living where we can reduce, reuse and recycle the things so that we produce less waste. It will be our big favor to this planet and our coming generations.

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