Climate Change and Food Security

Climate change is one of the most threatening and alarming issue grasping the focus of attention of everyone towards itself. It is the issue that must have to be addressed as early as possible or alternative measures should be taken to minimize its impact on livelihood. According to a survey, Pakistan is the 8th most affected country from this miserable situation and at the same time, it is the 3rd most vulnerable country in terms of climate change.

The factors that contribute mainly to climate change are a lack of social awareness and overuse of technology. People are not aware that how the overuse of technology is making a big disaster. The gasses produces from the automobiles is depleting the ozone layer which is a protective layer protecting us from the harmful rays coming towards us. Due to the depletion of the layer, the harmful rays come towards the earth, some of the solar radiation reflects back into space and the small portion is absorbed by the Earth that creates our atmosphere. Because of this absorption of rays, the temperature of the earth has been increased two to three folds if compared with the previous five to six years.  This change in temperature has decreased the duration of winter and increased the duration of summer. Not only the duration has increased but the temperature is also very much high in summer. The amount of rainfall has also been decreased very much.

The change in climate is affecting the health of people. A warmer climate leads to higher levels of some air pollutants and more extreme weather conditions. It also increases the ranges of transmission of infectious diseases through contaminated water and unhealthy food.

Moreover, it is causing a big issue for the food security as it is drying the lands and impacting on the production of crops.

The possible solutions that can minimize the impact of climate are reduced reuse and recycle, use water efficiently, use less heat and air conditioning, drive less and encourage others to conserve.

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