Effect of Climate Change on Food Security

As we all know that we have been observing a lot of changes in the climate, our climatic conditions are not the same as they were a few years before. There is much increase in the hotness in summer and the duration of summer has also been prolonged very much which has ultimately decreased the duration of winter.

A country must have 25% of the forest contributing area but Pakistan has only 4% of the forest area which is depleting very fast because of market trade purpose causing another reason for a change in climate. Moreover, the glaciers have been melting causing floods due to which crops have been affecting and leading towards the food insecurity. Because of the huge change in climate, the most affecting and alarming situation is of food insecurity.There is a direct influence of the climate on the crops. Most of the area which has been hit by the floods is not recoverable since yet. But the remaining area can be prevented from the floods or the precautionary measures can be taken to minimize the impact of floods on the crops.

The Government, farmers and the experts should also take initiatives to make the land capable of raising of crops. The government can involve the experts to find out the possible solutions in order to solve the problem and introduce the ways that are most convenient and have the most drastic impact on the situation. The government can further take initiative to aware the people either by using media or the government servants to do efforts in this context. The efforts should be drawn for the farmers and help them to overcome the impact of climate change on the crops so that the issue of food insecurity can be solved to some extent.

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