Culture and Community

The community is a specific group of people which thinks and struggle on same grounds for achieving common objectives. Communities have begun since the people from Stone Age found their likeminded fellows around them. As men were born free to make choices by own, this led him so open towards the lifestyle. Starting from the leaves that used first to cover the bodies, make the thinker to think that was all the people at that time were agreed on covering the body with leaves? Of course not still with no else option all did the same. With the passage of time, we have seen individual choice turned into people choices, people into groups and groups into community choices.

Community groups did hard to make their unique existence in the world where a list of the unlimited set of minds is available always. Communities structured themselves in a way where they could maintain a set of unique choices, ideas, ethics, lifestyle, food patterns, earning moods, dressing, physical representation and many other things, in short, they struggled to form their own culture.  The word culture is closely attached to the community, as both have no existence in isolation. Where there is a culture there is a community and where there is a community there is culture. In Pakistan, communities have adopted cultures as to show their separate identities. Culture and subculture of communities have grabbed international attraction to Pakistani people. Pakistan is very rich in its cultural traditions where people of Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan has developed a complete set of living that is different from other.

We could see our cultures being celebrated on almost all occasions like Religious and Seasonal festivals and they are so valued in order to get a highlight in international platforms. Culture support the community as it provides distinctiveness to the people belong to it. Attributed stuff that relates a community to a culture never develops within years rather it became the identity of a community with deep backgrounds and history behind. For instance, the Sindhi Embroidery is an influence of Indus Civilization where the same motives could be seen on master art pieces of people belong to Buddhism, so the cultures pass through centuries and remain alive till centuries.

Our traditional stuff of any province used to earn from the international market just like handicrafts, master art pieces, cultural specimens, dresses food etc. Pakistan’s GDP ratio to culture is always questioned and mostly denied, we never thought to add on a ratio to our annual budget where the focus is culture boast. There is a budget allocated for media to promote the culture through festivities but that’s not enough, as our traditions are very rich and attach to its deep roots need a proper space for representation on National Grounds. Our organizations like Lok Versa have done a tremendous job in order to save the culture but our local provincial institutes are rarely found to do so.

As I said culture is a support system to the community where if culture is ignored community is ignored and that’s the death of nation where communities led behind due to cultural ignorance by authorities. The power of culture to develop a community could be seen through tourism business earn by people around the world. Why in Pakistan only education, buildings, dams, industries and agriculture is relied on to earn income cultures should also need to promote with original grounds and sincerity to make a nation successful.

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