Poverty & Hunger is a Curse, It Only Breeds Contempt

Life with poverty is no less than a humiliation & indignity. It is a bed of thorns, which have been enlarging the sufferings & sorrows for the vulnerable people in the world. So basically, philosophy of poverty is when one has not proper access to food/lack of proper diet, clothing, shelter, and work. It also includes social deprivation, where even sage and wise people fall in inferiority complex during poverty. In other words, it is relating to the hunger, which describes the feelings of discomfort & uncertainty that needs safe keeping of sufficient food, shelter, and clothing etc.

However, when we talk about the international laws of the state system in developing countries like Pakistan, it equally safeguards the rights and duties of citizens of the state in a written document but in practices, it is almost nothing than a nightmare and wish.

Whereas, today’s era, where rich have enjoyed all the luxuries & extravagances on the map of earth from airplanes to other achievements, but now they wish to leave for other planets to live in to enjoy other hidden pleasures of the universe. On the other hand, poor around the world are dying of hunger, famine, malnutrition, and deprivation whereas they even cannot have access to a one-time meal a day. How horrific and dreadful is that where one has unlimited & uncountable wealth to enjoy the luxuries of life and others are facing the enormous challenges of life. Therefore, this division of resources has shaped contempt & scorn among the civilized and sympathetic people.

Though, the role of UNO is very positive and worth-praising through in combating the poverty in the titles of “Millennium Development Goal” before & now “Sustainable Development Goal”, whose mission is to provide the vital needs of life to every person in the world but indifference, the poverty in lingering day by day among the poor and developed countries. So, whom to be blamed for accountability, weather system or destiny. Although poverty must be alleviated through the proper division of wealth but not the destination/fortune of one.

Once I happened to visit village Gul Muhammad Samo, where I met with an emaciated young man named Allah Dino Samo. I asked few things related to his basic needs of his life. He, while shedding tears in his eyes, told the terrible and appalling story, which one can listen to it with a heavy heart. According to him, they even have not access to labor work, where they could be able to serve a one-time meal to their children but a series of sorrow and sufferings. Their lands are fertile but due to a shortage of water, there is no concept of cultivation, so we are destitute to do nothing also the other villagers like me are deprived & depressed, so spending their lives in vulnerabilities. They even could not serve their children the basic wants of their lives. So, there are so many people around the world like him, who cannot provide their offspring the necessities of their lives due to man-made unequal distribution resources.

On the other hand, if we look at the properties of state rules, we have nothing else the cry of contempt. They have been exploiting the wealth of public through elitism & superiorities. They do not know the importance of food due to their bursting bellies. It only can be important for those, who have been deprived of and destitute from it. One can ask importance of water by a thirsty man but not from one who has access to mineral water.

So, the essential thing or the object of talk is that how to cope up this unequal and improper division system where poor and unprivileged have been striving a lot for their survival and every day they are fighting for it but on contrary rich have been spoiling the misuse of wealth.

Incidentally, it is universal believed that hungry man is an angry man but I believe that hungry man is a helpless man, who have been facing the mammoth burden of his life in this cruel world of materialism but never mention it due to its vulnerability and helplessness. Therefore, let us think and find the way to solve this curse of hunger. Otherwise, the day would not be away when vulnerability & violation breed contempt & disdain among the victims

Hence let us globally promise to eradicate the curse of hunger & starvation and sincerely work for the survival of both, for victims as well for the offender, so do justice & fair distribution of resources, which have been equally blessed for all human being on the earth.

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