Humans are facing the miseries of wars right from the ancient times. But the destruction of wars multiplied by thousands since the emergence of modern warfare technology. The mankind is facing a severe threat of vanishing from the mother planet, as technological advancement has resulted in modern lethal warfare tools like, “CHEMICAL, RADIOLOGICAL, BIOLOGICAL AND NUCLEAR ARSENALS”, capable of destroying “OUR MOTHER PLANET IN FEW MOMENTS TIME”. The tragedy with human intellectual capacities is that it has been used more for the pessimistic approaches than for optimistic humanly approaches. Interestingly, humans are feeling a threat from fellow humans and are using this massive technological advancement for killing each other with modern and innovative means. For example, the technology of drone is utilized for killing fellow humans to get the pessimistic material and non-material goals. Since, its inclusion in military fleets, it has killed thousands of humans across the globe.

My argument is that whole world especially the powerful actors in the global political need to focus their technological development for the betterment of mankind. The utilization of same technology resulting in the killing of innocent humans can be used for safeguarding them from different real threats faced by the mankind. “CLIMATE CHANGE IS ONE OF THE SERIOUS AND SEVERE THREATS FACED BY THE MANKIND”.  In all these fearful situations, good news has made us enlightened with respect to the positive use of technological development. Recently, a drone is invented which is very useful for quick plantation of multiple species of plants in a number of thousands.  The drone is capable of reducing workload together with reach out of areas which are hard to access. The thousand year’s loss of deforestation can be revived by utilizing modern drone technology by plantation scheme at a massive level across the globe especially the regions which are going to be severely affected by the climate change.

The drones are capable of aerial survey for identification of plantation zones. It can “DROP SEEDS INSTEAD OF BOMBS” from many heights with high accuracy resulting in a greater probability of plant growth.  It can also be used for monitoring purpose making it efficient in hard areas to access. The drone plantation scheme can be very useful in lessening the threat of climate change, a threat which can be assumed as much lethal as modern advanced warfare destructive capacities arsenals. The only thing difficult to understand about climate change is its hidden fatalness to mankind.

What I feel vital for the survival of humanity is social construction of patterns on all levels for the betterment of humanity irrespective of any discrimination. The fact which is to be understood by “ALL MAJOR STAKEHOLDERS” of the world in the global political system is that “ENEMY IS NOT THE FELLOW HUMANS BUT THREATS LIKE CLIMATE CHANGE”, which is silently making our world a dangerous place for living. We badly need to utilize modern technological advancement like “DRONES” for “DROPPING SEEDS NOT BOMBS”, to make this “PLANET A BETTER PLACE FOR LIVING”. And I have a belief, “YES WE CAN”

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