One way flow- Mcdonaldization, The cultural Diversity

Being a 90’s child I have risen up in a society where the great transformation happened in all ways. I remember the time when we had one PTCL phone that was used by our four to five families at a time and also was pride to share it with neighbors while they need it. I have seen those times when schools had very limited subjects to teach and universities were a dream to get in. In my childhood I never thought of the phenomena that why and how things get faster and better, it was fantasy to see personal computers turning into laptop and those laptops into wrist watch computers which is a good thing anyways.

Few things about world system remind me questioned that how the mini burger stalls are overlap by KFC , Mcdonald, burger king etc, and how we convinced ourselves to eat those international brands ? Remember when first time you entered in McDonalds? How was your feel to be there? Honestly may be you found yourself unfit to the environment but visiting that place repeatedly you got familiar to the way McDonald required. The English song, the cozy surrounding the unique perfume and tempting food changed our mind sets from the past 15 years like never before.

All this is not because of mild chicken burgers but importantly due to the mcDonaldization which is a one way flow from the American and European societies. McDonaldization alone is worthless until it is not attach with globalization or we could say mcdoladiztion is a part of globalization. Many around the world are at benefit with the emergence of both together but many on other hand remain still deprived due to decline of local values. According to the world system theory the core and semi periphery countries have used globalization to make periphery countries grow up and at the same time not to grow up with local brands and remain intact with international brands to meet international standards of living which is again not a bad idea but what about the economic growth of third world countries which have stuck into providing raw material to the first world nations as a tradition to earn money.

The one way flow doesn’t mean only food but it is about so many other things includes culture, traditions, life style, education, harmony, art, language etc. Since rapid globalization around the world has created space for nations to bring their culture in other nations and break this one way flow, as we see migration of hundred and thousands of people for various purposes to live in other countries that has mix up all the colors.

A recent example is a decorated and designed truck of Pakistani culture in America that is attracted by most of the Americans these days. The impacts of mcDonaldization are hard to evaluate in this modernization era where every social setup has mixed up with other and created examples of “Uniqueness in diversity”.

Merit of this rapid process has saved a lot of time and that was earlier spent to complete a task but what about rest of the time that is spent on social apps, merits of mcdonaldization says that one burger is equal to one meal that was earlier served with chapatti, curry and full salads as a requirement to full the belly, it absolutely time saving alternate but what about the production market of wheat and maize which has declined due to high consumption of burger food. Merits are attach with demerits and could not evaluate in isolation. Fast music in a fast food restaurant has fasten the minds but this only prevails in few classes of society e:g upper class,upper middle class and middle class rest of all are rest in peace or trying to access the fast food restaurants with average credits in hand.

Globalization is a global process that has produced harmonies among life styles of all the nations around, yet many languages, cultures, social identities, ethnicities are burnt into burry and have no place on planet. We should accept the diversity and one way flow but should keep our nationalities in flow as well so that globalization can bought well for all.

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