Food Food and Food

Yes, we can change future of migration. But there is need to overcome some critical problems existing in rural areas. According to my observation, natives of rural areas feel more comfortable to live in the land of love(Villages) than city life. But unfortunately, some factors like fewer income resources, poor education system, poverty, and hunger compel these people to flee their homes.

These problems can be addressed by awareness programs. Rural people mostly depend directly or indirectly on Agriculture. If Agriculture system can be improved then living style of rural people will become better. And it can also lead to increased food security.

The better Education system can also change the concept of migration. An educated farmer will do his agricultural practices in modern ways. So improved Education system, good transport facilities, political stability and awareness programs are vital to deal to change migration concept.

Growing population of urban areas is making food security even more challenging. So it is necessary to turn the future 0f migration by providing these people a balanced life style in rural  areas.

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