Colours of Life

Last month I was much motivated to compile a video for a short film competition held at my university. Then I started working on it in the month of November after my exams. The theme/topic of the whole event was “Colours of Life” so I had to choose a suitable location where I could find various colors and lively people.

Lahore was the first place that popped into my mind for the shooting. I had 2-3 days to cover major areas of Lahore including Anarkali, Masjid Wazir Khan, Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, food Street, Delhi Gate, and numerous other places. I reached Lahore on Saturday evening and started right away. I kept shooting till Monday and in those 3 days, I witnessed the immense beauty of people of Pakistan. Everything was great, I had food of different kinds, saw people dancing on roads, and much more that cannot be explained through words. I had never made a video before and that was my first ever experience in video making. It overall went good, I had 2 of my childhood friends with me who helped me in everything I needed in Lahore, and they were with me in every little problem. I did not have all the equipment so they arranged some which include a drone and a stabilizer.

The most epic place in my experience was Delhi Gate where it was so crowded even at 1 in the morning and trucks were being loaded for exporting different eatables. And impressive food items such as Siri Paye, Katlamma, Gol-Gappay, Chaat, Pakoray, and others gave me an experience that I will remember forever. I enjoyed every bit of shooting and now it was time to edit and compile the video clips that was another thing I had never done before.

I came back to Islamabad on Tuesday. At first, I was seeking help from a friend in order to edit the video but then something happened and I realized that I and only I can edit this video, there is no other who should be helping me. Then I started watching tutorials on YouTube and finally I was able to use a suitable software for the compilation of my video. It took me 2 weeks to learn and edit the video and it turned out to be somehow good considering the fact that it was my first attempt.

Everyone appreciated the effort I made and I was overwhelmed by that appreciation. People were quite sure that the video would get into top 3 in the competition and that made me feel hopeful as well. Then came the day when they had to announce top 3 videos in the university auditorium and the screening of those videos was also to be done. Unfortunately, my video was not mentioned in any way, and that made me too disappointed. The only reason for my disappointment was that the winning videos were ready –made and also, they were not satisfying the given theme/topic. If judgment would have been fair enough then I would not have been disappointed. Anyway, everything happens for good, so I have accepted what happened. Then I told myself that success comes after failure and I will see success soon.

Overall it was a great experience for me in every way because being a 20-year old girl, traveling alone, working alone etc. was not easy. I want every girl/woman to work on their passion or any hobby so that the world could know how much potential our country has.


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