Blanket of Smog in Lahore

Nowadays, smog is considered as “fifth season” of Pakistan. Once again its the time of the year when Lahore gets covered with irritating smog. Smog depicts a haze of thick layer of smog covering the sky, blocking out the sun, obstructing the view and making everything vague.

One can find hinderance while driving or walking on the road and we hear reports of citizens complaining about the ailments from this sudden rise in the concentration of pollutants in the air. Residents of Punjab University have been facing problems with the weather for the past fortnight, dense and poisonous smog has created health problems and limiting their mobility.

Numerous road accidents took place due to smog in the last couple of days and extreme precaution is being recommended while traveling in the current weather.

But the question arises what is causing this foul smog to emerge at this time of the year? Because of so many grounds and open areas in Punjab University, it is so dense here.Students, bus drivers, and teachers experienced a sudden elevated rise in air pollutants which is a combination of urban air pollution, calm wind in the winter months and penetration of polluted air from India causing visibly dense smog.

An ever-increasing rise in industrial development in Lahore combine with unrestricted deforestation and vehicular emissions are commonly blamed for the being the real culprits besides crop fires and coal plant emissions burning in India.

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