Change the future of migration invest in food security and rural development

Migration is the movement of people from one region to any other region. It can be done from country to country or within the country.
Reasons for migration
There are many reasons in which some important are below
• Lack of food sources
• Natural Disaster such as Earth quack or Flood etc
• For the sake of knowledge or Earning
• Pollution
If migration is not be done then it causes Poverty, Conflict, Hunger and many other issues.
In many regions of Pakistan people start to urbanize.They start to move from villages to the city for better facilities which are not provided to them there.
So farmers leave to grow crops or others vegetables because they invest more but do not get reasonable benefits so they began to move in cities for the sake of healthy earning and they left the farming.
So its an alarming Situation for us because if this trend (urbanization)goes for a long time.
A time will come then Pakistan lacks food and we have to import the food from other countries. It will be a huge loss of our economic conditions.
Organic farming should be done. In organic farming, there is no use of chemical.
So if farmers promote the organic farming they will get healthy fruits.
But unfortunately, our farmers focus on the use of a chemical which is not good.
Extensive Use of chemical also a factor of climate change.
Food security will be a major issue in near future so we have to do something for this alarming situation.
Food security: Is the situation that exists, when all the people, at all the time have social & economic access to sufficient safe nutritive food that meets their dietary needs.
I want to share the serious problem of my city Rajanpur. Tha Rajanpur District is located in southern Punjab. It lies entirely west of the Indus River.
The Sulaiman Mountains are present on the west of Rajanpur.
Due to these mountains, Flash floods are common in this region.
After the rain, the water flows down from the mountains toward the city and hits the crops which are grown by farmers and houses.
This flood damaged many houses and also spread a lot of disease to the animals and peoples.
So due to such conditions, farmers fail to Produce crops so they have to left the farming.
Cotton, sugarcane, Rice, and wheat is the crops which are grown in Rajanpur. The agriculture of Rajanpur is only depended upon canal irrigation.
Due to flood, The people displaced or migrate to other cities.
These are such things and conditions that are the main cause of Migration.
Suggestion :
(how to tackle such conditions)
To avoid the food security issues we must educate the farmers about the importance of farming, for the good of the country.
We must provide them such facilities which they required such as schools, health centers, and another institute.
These things made them not to move in cities because all these facilities will be present in their own village.
Secondly, the farmer should grow highly dense grasses around his crops in case of flash floods these dense grass act as resistance or barrier and slow down the flow of water.
Or Farmer should not grow the crops near the slopy areas.
Govt. should work for the welfare of farmers.
Govt. should encourage the farmers to grow more and more crops.

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