“World Food Day Theme”

World food day is celebrated annually around the world on 16th October. The day is celebrated concerned with the food insecurity. The lack of food is resulting in the increasing hunger in millions of countries. It is a day dedicated to taking actions against hunger. It is also a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. Of that population, 60% of those people are women, and more than 5 million children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition every year.

World food day has a mission of eradicating hunger in our lifetime, based on the truth that the right to food is the basic human right.

Today, most of the countries are suffering from the unavailability of food which increases competition among the people. The superior ones become successful but on the other hand the lower class does not get enough food to survive and ultimately this causes malnutrition in children’s as well as in elders. Basically, the main contribution to the lack of food availability is theWastage Of Foodwhich is increasing day by day. As we see in our daily life, people waste a lot of food at random events such as marriages, conferences and different events. This food must be consumed by the people who starve with hunger for more than 24 hours. The researchers find that a greater proportion of less nutritious staple food is associated with wasting.

The main aim of World food day is to raise awareness among the people to tell them about the increasing hunger and rate of deaths due to lack of resources. This event promote worldwide awareness and actions for those who suffer from hunger and for the need of food security and nutritious diets.The major problem in the world today is Food.There is, at the moment, enough food produced to feed everyone on Earth, yet it is estimated that half the population of the world is almost at starvation level. The problem is getting the food to right places at the right time, but all the time the population is increasing. In 2010, almost 7.6 million children more than 20,000 a day died.Poor nutrition plays role in at least half of these deaths.Sub Saharan Africa is the region with highest prevalence of hunger. Food insecurity is not just about the insufficient food production availability, and intake, but is also about the poor quality or nutritional value of food. The negative effects of food insecurity include impaired abilities of children. Generally, food insecurity and hunger amounts leads to poor health status makingchildren sick more often. Food insecurity often rooted in poverty, decrease the ability of countries to develop their agricultural markets and economies. Nutritious food is fundamental to human existence. Secure access to food can produce wide ranking positive impacts, increased global stability.

With the help of this day, “THE WORLD FOOD DAY”, we can contribute our efforts to end hunger by creating awareness and telling people not to waste food and make food full of nutrients for giving a healthy life to people in the world. This day reminds us to take action towards the eradication of hunger. It revolves around reducing chronic food insecurity and poverty and finding ways to create direct access to food or means to buy food.The theme of World food day in 2018 is “OUR ACTIONS ARE OUR FUTURE.. A ZERO HUNGER WORLD BY 2030 IS POSSIBLE”.

After a period of decline, world hunger is on rise again. ZERO HUNGER means working together to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to safe and nutritious food.Today, over 820 million people are suffering chronic undernourishment, according to FAO 2018 State of Food Security and Nutrition. On World Food Day we take action to shine a light on the global struggle against hunger, malnutrition, waste and poverty. This is an important opportunity to emphasize that hunger can be ended in our lifetimes, but we must all work together to achieve this goal, as hunger is killingmore people every year than Tuberculosis and AIDS. So according to my point of view, The World Food Day heighten public awareness of the hunger in the world, strengthen the struggle against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty and draw attention to achievement in food development.This World Food Day is a great step towards eliminating hunger in coming years and raise the standard of food to a good nutritious level that keeps a man young and a woman healthy. This day will lead to a Healthy Life in coming years if we keep on working with full strength and hard work.

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